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Because it is your device for use and control of your money datevaluation practice.

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Because it allows your creation of Personalized-Webliving-Savings into the upgraded Economy 4G3W.

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Your Needs + Wants + Hopes treated by Googledepending technical structure, Obamadepending US Regulations and Authoring protocols.

Let's share 1 trillion

You cash-robot Homus Naturalis

The cash production of 1 trillion US dollars in open cash-sharing-cash Universocial-Sovereign-Anchor of Central-Banks-System-Open-Founders controled by FED/SEC/BRI and defended for-universocial-wellbeing, that cash production for inflation compressor needs with 1% level-spot-rate, may serve the cash amount of 10 billions US dollars a year.
Well the speed of the production may be changed by the Universocial-Webcashmatic-Tagvaporation moving the amounts at starting Open-Founders, then by the free tagvaporating activity at the TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market). And of course with 2% level-spot-rate, the production to be ofered for linking-money-to-money and creation of Personalized-Webliving-Savings would be on double basis gravitational force. Because cash-sharing-cash multiplied cash-results at day 12:00 would be double in amount, or piped for much-more-parcels of Personalized-Webliving-Savings.

How big are the results

Ten billions you write this, like this :

10 billions = 10'000'000'000 an thus, ten billions of US$ are :
10 billions of US dollars = 10'000'000'000,- US$

Ten billions of US$ for cash-results by year proposed by the Central-Banks-System-Open-Founders to FED's control and regulations  to offer for folks free activity on linking money-to-money. 

Thus the minimum level for the online-cash-results at daily 12:00 would be :

10'000'000'000 US$ / 365 days = 27'397'260,- US$ as minimum of cash production per day.

Would you put 1 of more parcels of 10€uros to get the right to share such cash production ?

The proposal is offered to folks in cashkeeping-personalized-financial-pipes in cashput/cashcall by Googledepending personalized-financial-pumps of Personalized-Webliving-Savings going to your Personal Webcashmotor for free of your datevaluation uses, for free time-deal of your Owndated Webquantum registered properties and for cash cashing day results.

Just you need to fill the form, get delivery of your own and Personal Webcashmotor then linking money by Mousephone 4G3W. It start to run in Economy 4G3W.

Details an "HOW TO" are in Obamadepending pre-beta for the upgrade of the Classic Economy by adding the fourth economic practice called 'datevaluation'. The name of the financial recipe is proposed as 'Gool-Bama-Cash' . And by the practice of this substitute of the investment you go to the Universocial Cash Economy to better perform your overall results from your economic action.

Now for technical infrastructure the WUWteam4G3W is challenging Google for the creation of the financial function on devices like Nexus One, new generation Gmail, Android-Open-Tagvaporator.

Then for regulations and US Admnistration Control Management and Protocols the WUWteam4G3W is proposing the economic upgrade by the impulse of the Finantial Reform on the hands of the President Barak Hussein Obama.

Now for you it is much more simple and free. Reserve your free Personal Webcashmotor. For linking money-to-money and to get much-more-money faster than another person. Because you have the priority in your hands.