Course Schedule & Readings


Buchanan and Wagner, Democracy in Deficit

        Jan 22

        Jan 29

Lectures 1-4

        Feb 5

Lectures 5-7

Assignment 1 Due: NEA and Government Funding of the Arts

        Feb 12

Lecture 9

Caplan: Introduction, Chapters 1-3

        Feb 19

Caplan: Chapters 4-6

Assignment 2 Due: Light Bulbs

        Feb 26

Caplan: Chapters 7 & 8, Conclusion

Earl R. Brubaker, "The Tragedy of the Public Budgetary Commons"

        Mar 5

Lecture 8

Peter Diamond & Emmanuel Saez, "The Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations," Journal of Economic Perspectives 25, 4 (Fall 2011) 165-190. [available through library's electronic journals]

Assignment 3 Due: Caplan Essay/Review

        Mar 12

James R. Hines, Jr., "Taxing Consumption and Other Sins," Journal of Economic Perspectives 21, 1 (Winter 2007) 49-68. [available through library's electronic journals]

Rosanne Altshuler, Katherine Lim, and Roberton Williams, "Desperately Seeking Revenue," National Tax Journal 63, 2 (June 2010) 331-352. [available through library's electronic journals]

Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget, “Analysis of the Tax Reform Act of 2014”

[OPTIONAL] The White House and The Department of the Treasury, “The President’s Frameworkfor Business Tax Reform”

[OPTIONAL] House Ways and Means Committee, "The Tax Reform Act of 2014"

        Mar 19

Sherry A. Glied & Dahlia K. Remier, "What Every Public Finance Economist Needs to Know About Health Economics: Recent Advances and Unresolved Questions," National Tax Journal LV, 4 (December 2002). [available through library's electronic journals]

Joyce Manchester and Jonathan A. Schwabish, "The Long-Term Budget Outlook in the United States and the Role of Health Care Entitlements," National Tax Journal 63, 2 (June 2010) 285-306. [available through library's electronic journals]

M. Todd Henderson, "Voice and Exit in Health Care Policy"  

        Mar 26

Spring Break

        Apr 2

Edgar K. Browning, "The Anatomy of Social Security and Medicare"

Peter A. Diamond and Peter R. Orszag, "Saving Social Security," Journal of Economic Perspectives 19, 2 (Spring 2005) 11-32. [available through library's electronic journals]

Martin Feldstein, "Structural Reform of Social Security," Journal of Economic Perspectives 19, 2 (Spring 2005) 33-55. [available through library's electronic journals]

        Apr 9

Timothy Sandefur, "Con Job: State 'Certificate of Necessity' Laws Protect Firms, Not Consumers"

Robert Scharff and Sherzod Abdukadirov, "FDA Misses the Market With Food Labeling Rules"

Carolyn A. Dehring and Martin Halek, "Do Coastal Building Codes Make Stronger Houses?"

Daniel A. Crane, "Tesla and the Car Dealers' Lobby"

        Apr 16

Michael L. Marlow and Alden F. Shiers, "Would Soda Taxes Really Yield Health Benefits?"

Assignment 4 Due: Health Care or Social Security and Market Failure

Apr 23

Buchanan and Wagner: Chapters 1-7

          Apr 30

Buchanan and Wagner: Chapters 8-12

          May 7

May 14

Take Home Final Due

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Jan 15, 2015, 12:43 PM
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