In the following pages, you find further information on the 1st Annual Conference on the current world economic crisis.

The call for papers is now open!!!

Remodeling finance and its governance in times of uncertainty

12th to 14th May 2011, Université de Paris VIII

The global economic crisis is about to move into its fourth year. The dynamics that have led to the crisis are broadly understood, even if not all mysteries are resolved. Hence, the focus moves away from the roots of the crisis to questions concerning the current state of affairs: where are we right now? Have we already seen the worst or is that still to come? What are the long-term repercussions of the crisis on the global, regional and national financial systems? And are reforms such as Basel III steps into the right direction? This conference invites papers to examine questions related to the current economic crisis, its impact on capitalist systems and societies. Potential themes include:

·         Derivatives, securitization and leverage in new global finance

·         Banking and financial supervision and regulation

·         Taking the crises seriously: towards a social theory of credit and crises and narration of crises

·         The political, social and cultural preconditions of past and present financial markets

·         The euro after the first euro crisis: the return of sovereign default?

·         ‘Currency wars’

·         Crises, Debt and Credit

·         The crisis and its social consequences

·         The crisis in different areas

·    Resilience of finance

·    The social fabric of financial practices


Confirmed participants: Bob Jessop, Ngai-Ling Sum, Charlie Dannreuther, Jean-Christophe Graz, Henk Overbeek, Daniel Mügge, Donald MacKenzie,  Nigel Dodd, Esther Jeffers, Hardy Hanappi  Pascal Petit, Timothy Sinclair, Brigitte Young and many more.


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:                  15th January 2011

Successful candidates will be notified by:             30th January 2011

Deadline for papers:                                                           1st May 2011

Please send your abstracts to:                                COSTIS0902@gmail.com

For more information: https://sites.google.com/site/economiccrisisconference2011 and    http://www.worldfinancialcrisis.eu