The Mulísa Tribe, Roar, Urth, Rock, Wild
below The Observatory, gypsy castle, Mulísa, Sunday, July 6, 2003 P.C.E.

Picking up from the introduction to the tale . . .

" . . . seeking, and seeing, from a large, robust city, uncovered and discovered a planned place for thriving: Ark 12.  That was in 1994 C.E..

Tuesday, 24 April 2007 P.C.E., 3 Eb, 23:01:22, in 'The Mulísa Tribe Update' - which she hadn’t written in a long while - Urth was relating :

"Plot No.12-Ark!  The plan and the place were one - an exercise, an experiment, our creative life on land. From one thousand kilometres away we located 31 hectares of pristine wilderness with the Southern African Coastalline on the horizon.  We acquired her, relocated to her and the name came by intuitive letter, word play for her to be called 'Mulísa'.*1   Moving onto her and into The Mulísa Project was a thick plot to start with which then thickened during perpetual detection of how thick the plot was to begin with.  Which is my way of speaking in one sentence, the 500some sheavish things on the project and its findings that pan is expectantly brushing together, clicking through and putting in, on and out.  Virtually real?  Pure seeds in collection and sprout are actually all I want to be on about."

There’s count towards how many of what list to navigate the thickness and dimensity of why, in the face of a truly forever commitment to Mulísa Wilderness Studio, The Mulísa Tribe finally, sorely, saw only to bring to closure their 13 year project in order to depart the arena in which it was situated.  Graciousness and patience we must have, to explain the pain, to air, examine and view reasons; pace, to present and traverse too, laughs, pleasures, joys, treasures and errors.  Adventures in learning can be true, in living back towards a way for the Mother of life, Earth, to live too.

Upon existential quests, an uninformed woman was once heard to proclaim pejoratively, ‘UNsivilizt!’?
Well, my dear, of what has become, much there is to do, to UNdo that which has been done . . ..

greetíngs 2í !

Penelope Aíne Noblé
ChiefSweep, genral’s broomRoom

From Mulísa, great are the distances the tale moves.  Through remote Europe.  To acerbica.

Wild and Roar are grown.  Are men.  Are tall.  Rock, by all, in all, always, is gabhafuaime, SoundSmith; and Urth?  Her names?  They roll many, by multi-task flux, a mother, authentically individual, of Earth mindful, consumption conscious palette, a diversely myriad and integrated creator, an artist/e, see-er and implementative thinker,
"She", producing saying, songs, speak.
*1  collected, collated, edited, transmitted by pan, WOoden family publishing, 2010,
      all rights reserved :

The travails, trails and tales of The Mulísa Tribe
- mulisa dot coza, describing early habitation

inception, system & garden inauguration,
building process & lifestyle escapades on Mulísa.
cultural & educational activities & service, social scenario discovery, experience, revelation, comment

see The StoryTellers

(see ' composition chronos ' from
the inner sleeve of the album "drive by’s")

early, Sunday, 6 July, 2003 P.C.E.
6 Kan (Seed, Lizard)
breakfast on Mulísa, '. . . together again '
The SoundSmith numin,* with his Mulísa Tribe
- Wild, Rock*, Urth, Roar & Mic the Cat

The village tribe continues to tend trends, twists and turns of exponential time.  In silent, surreal snowscape at 1 Muluc,*3 Northern Winter Solstice 2010 P.C.E. comes with significant, astronomical alignments; it transits, *4 then is gone.  Yet nothing remarkable reassures that the tilt will cure cold out of a jaded January and worse still, worrisome weather may set a fearful February lingering; though perhaps, just perceptibly, more day infringes where night was engulfing the diurnal run. 

The South Atlantic exhibits signs that Earth may be in the process of a magnetic excursion or reversal, Greenland sees the sun two days earlier than usual at their Northern Arctic Circle, globe-wide, reports accrue of birds falling from flight in mass, flock death and, in the sky, 1300 light years from the Mother planet, a constant, familiar, twinkle of night appears to be going supernova, whereupon it would shine the constant day of a second sun by 2012.  Or, in 100,000 years still to come?*5

The BP oil rig fiasco*6 was.  Is.  It threatens the Gulf Steam current essential to regulating warmth on the Atlantean coastline as it swirls ocean waters near their doorstep.  Conscious of the sad ravages upon Florida, projections of intense reparation mark thought with intent online, as they research recipes for ‘Key Lime Pie’ to infuse the culinary repertoire of the recently inaugurated 'Jazz Kitchen' enterprise.  But it is the delicate bite of 'Lime Layer Lambada', a moist, icing sandwich, which zings piquant, after tasting cake of the day. "

taken from :
Conversing 8 - "Managing School Time Material"
"Conversings in Acerbica"
by ambrasia kurtz
a satyrical citing from the site where sighted artistes see from
Run... notes

*1  'Conceptual & Strategical Identity' is central to the domestic organisation - a d.o.
      THE UNIVERSAL CELL OF THE GLOBAL SOCIAL ORGANISM, a commercial and academic research document from: bio-diverse
      conceptual property and field data of Mulísa Wilderness Studio,
      The Mulísa Project,
1994 C.E. - 2006 P.C.E. - Rural Self-Sufficiency exercise in off-grid living

      Zulu Sanusi, CREDO MUTWA gave
translation of 'Mulísa' from Nguni : 'a young girl, a young girl who reaches an age when she
      is celebrated by her parents because she is a treasure

*2  the mutation, September 2010, 'Conversings in Acerbica 4', "Managing Meta Physical Material"

*3  The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D
      Bear & Company, Vermont, 2004 - calendar calculator download

*4  The simultaneous Full Moon Eclipse for example; astrological commentators were noting more portentous signifiers for December
      solstice 2010 than for solstice at 21/12/2012 . . .

*5  British Geological Survey: Magnetic reversal may now be in progress, 2011 01 23 :     

     The Sun Rose 2 Days Early in Greenland, 2011 01 22, by Wynne Parry :

     ‘Birds may be able to ‘see’ the Earth’s electromagnetic field as they fly through the sky, scientists have suggested . . ..’

The Voice of Russia, Beijing reports mass bird deaths

     ‘Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012, 2011 01 24, by Dean Praetorius - Betelgeuse, one of the night
     sky’s brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing.  It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time.’ : . . . twin-suns . . . betelgeuse
  Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion & The BP Oil Spill - Ian Crane :