the Team

The naw'O'emf team has, as primary, priority, personal focus, conceptual and applied research in matters of cosmology, energy, nature, ecology, waste, rubbish, architecture, frontiers of the mind, consciousness, self determination, health, origins, transcendence, our story, our full story; to get the gist and the reality of behind the scenes nefarious play, to put it in context, with awareness, to put it in place and then be continuing with continuum, which would be said, somehow, to be in the constant envisaging of how to live, how to find places with people with correlating philosophies - illusive -!
" Oh how to encapsulate this . . . HOW WOULD WE NAME IT?
  Perhaps, for eg :  

But this work of finding, somehow, a way to try and be and say, goes back  . . .

and futherback . .

. . . back, still futher . . .

" In a précis preface to what had gone before, pan, editor at WOoden family publishing
Wednesday, 16 May 2007 P.C.E.,
12 Ix wrote *1 :

This is a tale.
A tale of proportions.
A telling tale; a tale telling
the epic travails and trails
of a domestic entity.
A little village.  Its tribe. 
A tribe of four,
Urth, Rock, Wild, Roar.

This Tribe got to, and then also got to go through doors, to see and touch many solutions that many may seek and many may be looking for.

It all began when, well . . ..  

It began with Urth and Rock finding each other.  Then along came Wild.  But, all sorts of disquieting things appeared to be around, on the rise; all over the globe signs of forebode and sounds of alarm were growing; in knowing that something was not quite right with the world and in asking questions about what was wrong and believing in fixing and through looking for answers, just when Roar was about to be arriving, the seeking, and seeing, from a large, robust city, uncovered and discovered a planned place for thriving . . . ' "

the telling of the tale continues in