Angela Noelle BA (Witwatersrand) Hons (SA) studied English language & literature, art, movement, dance, drama, theatre craft, piano, guitar, singing & music theory at tertiary level and, privately, thru a range of formal tutors. Operating a studio with a leading musical director in Johannesburg, vocal training & consultancy services were provided for productions, industry performers, schools, ngo’s, individuals.  Diverse public appearance since her earliest years has accomplished professional performance technique, complemented on stage by solid compatibility for delivery with equipment and technology gleaned thru co-management in Sound installation & engineering ventures.  Production of original material has seen her clocking successive session hours in recording scenario.  Arts administration, organisation, management, communications, desktop editorial & promotional material, marketing, event & operations logistics are fulfilled by vocational liaison with proxy persona pan, ChiefSweep, WOoden family publishing.  Training in secretarial functions and experience acquired thru service in banking, legal, formal and corporate sectors developed practical & conceptual business skills honed through subsequent, independent application as active partner in running Admusic, a Concert Sound enterprise providing promoters, artistes, institutions and corporations with event consulting & implementation, staging & sound service, for diverse presentations in the entertainment industry on the road across southern Africa.  As scribe, pan also oversees writings towards 33 titles and coordinates 'UrthRoar!' recycled art by angela for Africa Authentic 2í, a domestic organisation - a d.o.. Investigating pro-active, ecological lifestyle on the southern coastline of Africa from 1995, with teaching experience in literacy, second language education & literature and an aptitude for speech, reading & writing acquisition, Angela engaged in the direct rearing of her young sons through earth-based, discovery & transmission learning via comprehensive parenting in the domestic arena, whilst managing & co-driving a bio-diverse, self-sufficiency exercise at her site-specific installation eco operating model on 31 hectares of rural land; as cultural facets implicit in this project, writing, composition, recording & performing continued with her WOoden 'O' productions directing & managing the implementation of live gig seasons. From her private vocal studio A.N. VoxStud, she was a consultant on staff in the provincial university drama department as musical staging facilitator in professional company productions and as voice tutor for post-graduate students.  Alongside her partner and sons in eco music factory, she works W'O' in northern regions, wondering where all the cybering in digitalise might lead and thinking oftentimes that she must have taken leave of her senses to have forsaken the blue skies of sunny climes.  A Vocal Artiste who will compose, sing, perform or teach any genre, with particular aptitude for coaching Thrash singers, preferred groove in rock and rhythm & blues, emphasis on whirl-word lyric design & delivery and passion at zenith in the theatre, noelle pursues a personal repertoire to stand-up with her comic pleasure.

' . . . and on the way I dropped it.'  noelle songs

noelle n numin 

A.N. VoxStud - Angela Noelle BA (Witwatersrand) Hons (SA)
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SoundSmith numin

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" . . . Thomas 'numin' is a specialist in the art of sound, his critical ear and skill wrought of fastidiousness and passion over time, (a lifetime), with creativity necessitating keeping abreast of technological development.  Following serious study of music, instruments and theory, and professional performance, natural aptitude steered him into a broad journey through craftsmanship and experience in the technical industry.  Music - Composing and Performance, and expert tech in Sound Design & Production are his environment.  His main instruments are basses, guitars and mixing desks!  He sight reads, reads scores, transcribes notation, composes, improvises, and has maintained his 'ears' through successive onslaughts of manning 20K pumping rigs. "

A SoundSmith of note, Thomas aka numin, has been active across a diverse musical spectrum, from performance in marching bands, brass ensemble recitals, formal, classical orchestras, to custom building sound installation facilities for health clubs!  An erstwhile music teacher, versatile in a range of instruments, Thomas has been recorded in a miscellany of studio scenarios and he is also a multi-faceted, professional entertainer.  Following academic study of classical music at tertiary level, with apprenticeship and training in sound system design, construction and engineering accomplished in Johannesburg, Thomas formed Admusic, a Studio and Concert Sound outfit.  As recording producer for new, in-house material and operating a stadium road rig in delivery of staging and sound for southern African, sub-continent, open-air and indoor events, he worked with top, national, solo and group artistes such as Brenda Fassie, Lucky Dube and Sankomoto.  Having attained music theory, tuba, violin, cello, guitar, double bass to senior examination level, a focus on stringed instruments subsequently toured Thomas around the countryside with his bass fiddle, in acapella, outdoor, 'MusicArt Earth Serenades', this, an eco music factory, AA2i product associated with the 12 year, independent, self-sufficiency project on 31 hectares of rural, coastal wilderness where he was a co-driver with his partner.  A selection of their originals out of these extraordinary times was released on the compact disc "drive by’s" and, inspired, systematic, live takes of African nature settings shaped a collection of ingenious audio resource.  The sojourn of artistic sourcing in pastoral scene with its store of prolific, compositional creation turns northern hemisphere technical for industry product realisation through numin audio works, eco music factory.  A team fulfills ongoing composition & lyric, recording & production, sound design & application, staging & performance, desk to publication and promotion.  Concurrent projects range through eco-acoustic ambient, jazz ballad, rock and techno with dramatic style tendency towards theatrical in performance art, installation genre.  In priority time and energy, numin is dedicated to his sons, Danann the younger and Doane aka 'd.p.w.t.'
- lyricist, composer, rapper, drummer, didjeridoo instrumentalist.

drive by's

thomas nowotny at the jazz network worldwide

all about jazz - thomas nowotny


d.p.w.t.’s sound ventures began in an eco project on 31 hectares of rural wilderness, with a metre of black PVC pipe -  blowing, making waves of didjeridoo: age 7.  Since then, it’s been a ten year study of various aspects in music, from the foundationous beat and rhythms, to computers and tech, digital synthesis and the processing of flirtatious vocals and leads. >>>>> emerging into now as producer-e.j.performer, beat master d.p.w.t. composes experiments, mixing and mastering hands on, his 'sounds of the electronic' . . . .  'Experimentations' range from being less 'dance' orientated, the rap of 'Rode Rage' and 'Why Do I Lie Here' soundtrack, to the psy aspects of 'Sly', the progressive house of 'IFIITE', the tweaking of electro-ness in 'deprived of sleep', and deploying space and time through the rumble of ''. Palpable, the Orgone in '2c' and 'Technorgone(3)', these are amongst numbers in a growing portfolio.  d.p.w.t. wouldn’t confine his tracks by specifying genre; his sound is that of his own: 'Alembik'.  From his I.T. beginning, d.p.w.t. has been focusing on deep tracks and continues to terrorize with “there can always be more bass . . . .” as he takes zest from the pleasures of VOLUME awoken in him - Age 2, 'Admusic' concert sound across Africa.  He understands though, from working as 'sound kick' for 'numin' at music venues - speakers can cope with only so much.  Alongside production, his e.j. (electronic jockey) performances are LIVE with originals and he steers away from super marketed artists, rather sourcing independently, which creates a unique audio sensation.  Within 'eco music factory' label production team, d.p.w.t. operates as beat master, digital technician, electronic creator, and co-mixing - mastering engineer.  doane spends as much time as possible outdoors attempting to catch sun, keeping fit, riding bicycle and working with his hands (crafting bows and arrows with his brother), to balance the effects of technology.   Until further notice . . . .

de D - Danann.f.t.t.

then and almost now

. . . profoundly entertained by and adept at technology, versed in the workings and efficient repair of electronic gadgetry, proficiently chef in the 'jazz kitchen', dabbling in media through gaming and visual encapsulations, a committed Karateka and, in a daily discipline of scribing, in preference, Danann invests himself in a hands-on fires, soil, water, big sky, Earth organic, generally busy with wood, metal, mechanical crafting, producing inimitable sporting tools in a variety of archery bows, knives and vehicular contraptions.  Even when the weather doesn't intend to permit, he's outdoors.  There's been so much more to say since the first pic and the next!  Until further notice . . . . or rather, further updates.

old velos cycle race - There was a South African who turned out on his pride and joy a 35lb Raleigh sports bike from the eighties. He wore a pair of sneakers, baggie shorts (no chamois) and .. a woolly cardigan. When the cardigan got too heavy, he dumped it and rode nearly the whole thing in just a tee-shirt.

Mr Raleigh Banana