"only one door"

artistes in residence -
a domestic installation

a naw'O'emf product


The naw'O'emf team is comprised of four people in a d.o. - a domestic organisation, as artistes in residence, operating a professional, creative, cultural propietorship and production house, where harmonious, co-existence with nature for self-sufficiency, is implicit to theme, lifestyle and output.

for naw'O'emf -
numin audio works, WOoden 'O' productions, eco music factory (CRO reg.) :

Project Executive, live production : angela
Tonmeister, studio & stage : numin

Composition : noelle n numin

arts admin, road liaison, digital tech, sound, electronic creation & production, ej : d.p.w.t.
crafts, clerical, catering, team traffic, crew, technical, visual & videography : danann f.t.t.

Chief Executive, sales, networking & marketing, PR :
gabhafuaime, SoundSmith of the forge, Thomas Nowotny

design & publication, promotion, arts administration :
pan, ChiefSweep, genral’s broomroom, WOoden family publishing

numin audio works
sound technology live, canned
consulting, system design, installation
maintenance, repair, engineering

eco music factory
production studio, stage
composition creation
album compilation, performance
skill & vocational development

gabhafuaime, SoundSmith of the forge
sole proprietor -
CRO Reg. Deutsch gesprochen

mobile  :
e-mail   :

faoí chrainn
performance, direction
staging & space, events

A.N. VoxStud
Angela Noelle Vocal Studio
BA (Witwatersrand) Hons (SA)

(the link above is broken, awaiting repair, 24MAY17 - ed)

Arts Administration, Event Management
Scribe, Editor, Layout & Design Creator

WOoden family publishing
ChiefSweep: Penelope Aíne Noblé
genral’s brOomroom:

Afríka Authentíc 2í


 naw'O'emf welcomes positive engagement in ongoing association, contractual arrangements, partner projects and vision building for mutually beneficial process, progress and growth.

angela noelle asserts the right to be identified as author of this maxim