eco music factory

studio sessions live n.w.13 P.C.E.

a naw'O'emf product

eco music factory sourced shoots in nature during a site-specific eco installation operating model project that proved twelve years of intense Earth experience on Mulísa, 31 hectares of virgin wilderness on the southern coastal-line of Africa.

From rustic acoustic, to the rush of hi-tech, studio output during an extensive northern hemisphere digital sojourn now surrounds in a virtual bewilderment at the compositional invocations - myriad compilations - red sky, before blue, brown to green, over sea, dj diva dusting, denizen, protocol - these ep albums anticipate those inevitable production sequences that bring full-track complement releases, while fresh tunes, riffs and lyrics jostle for compositional acknowledgement.

At season’s turn, the musical suite, "Tar Sands" hastened itself to contain the newest and tenth number in the original portfolio.

noelle n numin

Through an environmental, cultural, educational, parental journey of artistes in contemporary life on Post Common Era Earth, noelle n numin co-escapade the coherence of an independent team conveying their creative wellspring from retreat on Africa.

Seasoned artistes in the professional, creative industry, n n n are travelled in the immediacy of entertaining, wending eclectic genre through vivid performance, as they feel story and the telling in a presentation that includes their own essential originals such as - Playing for the Hat, Myles to Go, Log on the Frontier, Kiss the Moon, Brandon’s Sea and, a tale of Anascaul in the real here and now, Out Came This Song.

the d’s

Extending the eco music factory lapel as beat master, d.p.w.t. is fast making tracks in the production world of electronic, midi and ej sounds with drumming, lyric and rap also on tap.

Danann is mastering computational facilities, managing equipment and moving media, vocal chords and bass guitar strings.

       . . . the team at eco music factory is often inspired to create works which respond to various scenarios that are brought into the public domain.  In no way does this indicate that eco music factory has any affiliation with or any connection to any group, issue or individual.  The subject matter of any composition does not imply rights over that music to any third party.  eco music factory retains all rights to its creative work.  From time to time, eco music factory originators may direct individuals or groups to subject specific production output.  This does not suggest that eco music factory in any way makes any claim for, or asserts any representation of, or aligns itself with any individual, group or situation.  eco music factory does not claim automatic endorsement of its product by any group or individual.  Work presented by eco music factory is the independent creation of professional artistes in their industry speaking story by the grace of muse and source.