Coupons Website

Here, I will show you how I built my successful coupon website and how you can start your own online business and make it profitable.

Wanna know! How to start a fully functional, professional looking coupons website within an hour?
You just have to follow these 5 steps to get the real knowledge about how you can run your own coupons website? So let’s start now!

1.  Setup a domain and hosting

2.  Choose the coupon website CMS platform

3.  Publish the coupon and deals on your coupon website

4.  Create publisher/affiliate account with networks and stores

5.  Convert your all links to affiliate deep links


1.  Setup a domain and hosting

Choose a catchy name for the domain and register with domain registry service providers.

Having “coupon” in the domain name sometimes make it easy to remember and helps in SEO as well. But my suggestion is to use a unique name that people recognise easily.

There are so many companies who provide domain registration viz. GoDaddy, BigRock, 1and1, Namecheap are reputed among many.

Once the domain is registered, buy the hosting space from any leading web hosting provider viz. Bluehost, Hostgator, InMotion, Siteground etc. My favourite is Bluehost.


If you’re looking at scale in short time, you can start with VPS that gives you lot of freedom in setting up your website and lightning fast when it comes to website page speed. I personally suggest using VPS from either Digital Ocean or Linode. Only thing is first time VPS setting up required professional skill.


2.  Choose the coupon website CMS platform

There are many options you can choose to start with, but my favourite is;



WordPress is open source CMS that allows you to install any standard theme to start a professional looking coupon website. It’s easy & very economical to start the website with much functionality already built in.

A couple of best coupon themes compatible with WordPress are Couponer, Clipper, Couponize, Premium Press etc.

Alternatively, there are a few PHP based CMS especially developed for Coupon Website. These also can be used. But, the customization efforts are more compared to WordPress.


You can make your own coupons website in only20 minutes with full-fledged coupons data. You don't require any developmentknowledge. With zero design development and data entry cost.



3.  Publish the coupon and deals on your coupon website

Here is the most critical part of the process. You need to configure stores; categories etc on your website and start publishing coupons & deals.

You can find coupons & deals from various sources, such as affiliate networks, merchants, newsletters, social media etc.

Alternatively, you may subscribe to an automated coupon data feed API to get your entire merchant & category masters published using API. Coupons API enable publishing coupons & offers data automatically on your website. There are 200+ merchants with 6000+coupons you get on subscription.

With this, within few hours, you can have coupons & deals for hundreds of merchant, fully automatically


4.  Create publisher/affiliate account with networks and stores

There are mainly two types of association with merchants;

Affiliate partner with direct stores, such as Associate Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program etc.

Affiliate partner through the various affiliate network, such as Optimise (OMG), iCubesWire, Payoom, VCommission, DGM etc. These networks first check your website before approving your application. So, make sure you have some content available on your website.


5.  Convert your all links to affiliate deep links

Once, you have got the coupon & deals content on your website and affiliate network & direct merchant affiliate accounts created, you need to convert all merchants link to affiliate deep links.

These affiliate deep links are required to track the sale and be eligible to earn the commission from networks.

There is a service to convert all your links to smart affiliate deep links effortlessly.


Bonus Tips: How to approach the market?

SEO for Your Coupon Website

Setup Meta title & description based on keyword research. Choose the keywords that have low or medium competition and map the metadata accordingly.

Example: Flipkart coupon code has a high volume of search and high competition compared to Flipkart discount code. Therefore, do keyword research and map the keywords with medium competition.

Example: Flipkart offers on camera, Amazon coupon on gift voucher etc.

Submit the website sitemap to Google; integrate webmaster and Google analytics to see the traffic reaching to your website.

Social Media Marketing of a Coupon Website

Social media is very important to reach the last mile. The target audience is within reach using your own profile and inviting people to like, follow your pages. In social media, I personally suggest creating pages with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to begin with and keep it updated and engaging with users.

Email marketing for your Coupon Website

Although, the click thru rate is low, yet another powerful tool to spread your voice till the last mile. There is a lot of agency containing the bulk email address. Hire them to send out emails on your behalf.

Also, add an option to your website to enable subscription of your newsletter and that enable you to collect email addresses.

Track the visitors, transactions, conversions and earning in your affiliate account dashboard. That’s all!! Cheers!!