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   Q: Why is it important to conserve water?


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 97 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water; however, less than 3 percent of that water is available for drinking. To complicate matters further, our population continues to grow; but our supply of clean water does not, and developing new sources of water (i.e. desalinating salt water) is costly at about $1,100 per acre-foot.

We must make an effort to conserve water now in order to ensure the availability of this precious resource for future generations. This is true even in the Pacific NW where we tend to believe we have an abundance of water, because we don’t. In the summer months when our rainfall is at its lowest, our water usage can increase as much as 46% over what we use in the winter months. This increase cuts into the water levels of streams and rivers needed by fish and other habitat, as well as by farmers who use more water in the summer months to keep their crops alive.