ECOLT 2018 Team

From left to right: Wain, Cho, Lee, Nimon, Norris, Forktus, and Ciobanu

The 2018 ECOLT Organizing Committee includes the following Educational Testing Service staff:

Yeonsuk Cho - Program Chair
John Norris - Conference Chair
Jennifer Wain
Jeremy Lee
Victoria Forktus
Joan Nimon
Cristiana Ciobanu

The ECOLT 2018 team can be contacted at

Additional support for ECOLT 2018 is provided by the Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center Director Meg Malone and Associate Director Meg Montee.


Special thanks to the following organizations for their invaluable support of ECOLT 2018:

Center for Applied Linguistics
Language Learning and Testing Foundation
Educational Testing Service
Language Testing International
The Language Learning and Testing Foundation and its founder, Charles Stansfield