Processing and Summary

At this stage, you will analyze your data, highlight important aspects, and make conclusions.

After collecting data that helps answer your research question, you will analyze the data and

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make conclusions based on your results.

Attention: you have access to everyone’s data and pictures that you can use as well.

(a) Analyzing your data

At this stage, you need to go to the Summary Google Spreadsheet that holds all the data, collected by all of the teams. You will use any data of interest to your team with respect to your inquiry question/s. Follow the instructions:

  1. Each team will create its own copy of the shared electronic spreadsheet. Please go to the upper bar of the Google doc and scroll File → Make copy
  2. In light of the question you investigated, think about how to analyze the data (means, distribution, frequency…). Think about ways to arrange your data in tables and figures using Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT or any other software to describe your findings.

This stage does not have a product. Your analysis will be presented in the presentation.

(b) Findings and Conclusions

After an initial analysis of your data, please enter your team’s document and follow the instructions:

To edit the document team 1

To edit the document team 2

To edit the document team 3

To edit the document team 4

In the next stage,we will think about how to present your work to the entire group. Go to the Final Product - “The final product- Show Begins” in the left bar.