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Hi Folks and welcome to our corner of the web. Late in 2005 myself and my better half got fed up trying to shop the way we want. It wasn't that our demands were anything that strange, rather they were quite simple. We wanted to buy only organic food, ideally from Ireland and if not from as close to Ireland as possible. We wanted to buy cleaning products that didn't kill us or the environment. We wanted soaps and shampoos that were made from natural elements- i.e. no synthetic chemicals - and  not tested on animals. We wanted to buy bin bags that were biodegradable, bulbs that were long life and batteries that were rechargeable - all in one shop.But we couldn't find one. So early in 2006 we created Eco Logic.
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John Dunne & Linda McDonnell

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    Posted 15 Oct 2020, 12:41 by Linda McDonnell
  • Closing Times Back to Normal Now that people are going back to work to some degree, our closing times on Monday to Friday will revert back to 7pm. Saturday remains 6pm and Sunday 5pm.
    Posted 16 Jun 2020, 07:40 by Linda McDonnell
  • Slight Change to Closing Times On Monday and Tuesday we will now close at 5pm and at 6pm on Friday. As the coming home from work rush isn't coming home and the rest of ...
    Posted 20 Apr 2020, 07:28 by Linda McDonnell
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