Get off your 4-Wheels and use your Legs! Info on biking in Memphis

Get on your Bike!                                         
     So what's the point of driving a couple miles to school, the bank, the store, or your friend's house?  You waste gas, emit carbon into the environment, and risk many safety issues as well as traffic that is not only frustrating, but unnecessary.  Biking is a great means of mobility that allows you to avoid these things, while being active, and enjoying yourself.  Come on people, we live in Midtown, the center of Memphis! We're within a few miles of most of the important and interesting parts of this city!  Use a bike as your means of transportation, entertainment, and getting fit! 

Rhodes Bike Program                                                                                                                                 
    Rhodes offers a bike program where any student can check out a bike at no charge, and use it on or off campus.  To do so, go to the bike shop located in Robinson Hall.  Biking to class, whether coming from on or off campus is a fast and easy way to get to class without having to drive.  You can avoid all the windy roads, parking, and traffic, and just bike right up to the building you have class in!  To learn more about the bike program visit .
    Also, for tips on safe biking in Memphis, as well as biking rules, visit .
Mileage Stats                                                                                                                                               
    I know not everyone lives on campus at Rhodes College, but most of us live in a close vicinity of the school.  Here are some stats on the mileage to certain places from Rhodes College that are easily bikable.
  • Schnucks Flower and Grocery (1761 Union Ave)--------------------------------------approximately 1.7 miles
  • Kroger Grocery Store (1366 Poplar Ave)-----------------------------------------------approximately 2 miles
  • Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store (1620 Madison Ave)-------------------------------------approximately 2.5 miles
  • Easy-Way Food Stores (Local Produce!)
    1. 337 N Cleveland St----------------------------------------------------------------approximately 2 miles
    2. 596 S Cooper St-------------------------------------------------------------------approximately 3.6 miles
  • Regions Bank (2053 Union Ave)---------------------------------------------------------approximately 1.9 miles
  • First Tennessee inside Piggly Wiggly (1620 Madison Ave)---------------------------approximately 2.5 miles
  • Bank of America (2731 Union Avenue Ext)---------------------------------------------approximately 2 miles


  • Walgreens
    1. 1359 Poplar Ave-------------------------------------------------------------------approximately 2 mile
    2. 1863 Union Ave(24 hour)---------------------------------------------------------approximately 3 miles
  • Ike's (2145 Union Ave)--------------------------------------------------------------------approximately 3.5 miles
   These are local places that one living in Midtown is likely to need to visit for apparent reasons.  And they are all within 4 miles of campus!  If more people biked these local distances, we would have much less traffic congestion, a reduced number of harmful gases being emitted into the environment, and a much healthier community all around! You may think, how does one get groceries or supplies while on a bike?  Well, if you don't have a heavy load to carry, you can always wear a backback while you bike, or get a basket for your bike.  Also, if you're going inside a somewhere, be sure to have a bike lock for your bike, so you can lock it up and not worry about it getting stolen. 
 -Thanks to Mapquest for distances
 Fun Bike Routes!                                                                                                                                                   
  • Greater Memphis Greenline
    • A 13 mile trail (biking or walking) that you can get to right off University.  Take a right onto University when you are leaving the main entrance of campus and the Greenline trail will be on your left right before you hit Jackson Avenue.  It goes east to Tillman and West all the way to Cleveland.  It's a great off-road trail with a safe route, free of traffic!  To learn more about the trail and see a map visit . 
  • Overton Park Trails
    • Overton Park offers a few paved bike trails that meander through the woods and around the park itself.  These are also safe, mainly traffic free, and beautiful trails to bike through.  You can enter these trails easily from the North Entrance of Rhodes at North Parkway.  Just cross the street, and enter the park right by the zoo.  You can even visit the Memphis Zoo, and the Memphis Brooks Art Museum while you are there.  The Brooks offers a $1 off coupon for those who bike to the Brooks, and it is only $3 for students to get in.  It is also free on Wednesdays.  The Zoo is free on Tuesdays to those with Tenessee IDs (your Rhodes student ID will do, if you are from out of town). 
    • Be careful not to bike at night in the Overton Park trails, because it can be very dangerous, and there is a lot of crime in the area.  If you are biking at night at all, be sure to have a light on your bike and to bike with a friend. 
    • The forest of Overton park, known as the Old Forest, is in danger of being cut down by the zoo to build a new add-on for a new exhibit.  There is a group called Park Friends who are dedicated to conserving the Old Forest.  You can learn more about them, and get involved in their cause here: !
  • Shelby Farms Conservacy Park
    • Shelby Farms is the largest urban park in the United States with 4500 acres of lakes, natural forests, wetlands, and of course running and biking trails.  It is a vast beautiful park to explore on your bike and you can enjoy such wildlife as deer, bison, turtles, birds, as well as a few cattle!  Even though Shelby Farms is quite a bit away from Rhodes (not exactly biking distance), it is a great experience to carpool out there with a few friends and spend a day on the trails.  You can also enjoy such activities as fishing, rowing, peddle-boats, horse-back riding, and disc golf!  Also, there is a great farmer's market right by the Agricenter located in Shelby Farms!  To learn more about Shelby Farms visit .
  • Bike Downtown
    • There is a really fun bike route that takes you down to the river, and is only about 9 miles there and back!  You can start this route from Rhodes, and it is generally through neighborhood streets that are safe and beautiful!  Here is the map: