Environmental Advocacy & Activism

If we have learned anything in Ecological Anthropology, it is that the environmental issues that we face are complex ones. While we must seek to live an environmentally conscious life as individuals, human institutions and organizations must also be considered in any analysis and solution to the environmental issues that we face. Particularly as the globe is ever interdependent, and the reach of our environmental impact extends beyond our locality and our individual control, we must address environmental issues on not only an individual level, but larger-scale levels as well.

Action!Network "An Online Environmental Community" has an entire page of environmental campaign alerts. It is updated frequently and provides convenient links to the environmentally-based groups that are hosting the campaign. Many of the opportunities this page offers (mostly opportunities to contact leaders and be active in the legislative process) are convenient and simple, but very powerful ways to contribute to environmental policy.

Check it out!:

Oneworld.net has an entire activism guide with ideas on how to make a greater impact. It is thorough in examining the many levels of organization that both contribute to environmental destruction and conservancy. It is organized according to countries and topics. You can explore this one for hours!:


The Save Our Environment Action Center also has a listings of ways on how you can make a change in the way we relate to our environment through active citizenship.

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Advocacy and Activism at Rhodes

Don't forget that our college community at Rhodes is also a greater institution in which we must be active participants! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at Rhodes in shaping our communal environmental contribution.

See our section on this website for more ideas:

Also be aware that Rhodes has special environmental fellows, like Robert Lusteck (with a budget for environmental initiatives). He is more than willing to work with student ideas on ways Rhodes can be a more environmentally-conscious community! Be creative and don't be shy!