Creative Ways to be more Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Want to make something fun and useful out of your old clothes?
You can make a "Draft Catcher. " Not only is it a use for an old pair of pants or pajamas, but it can help make home more energy efficient especially if the dwelling is rather old and drafty.

           What will you need?
                    -Pants (outdoors or pajamas)
               -Any of your old clothes that you want to recycle
               -Sewing machine or Needle and Thread
               -New or previously used ribbon, string, or rubberbands
1.      Cut the leg from pants. Turn it inside out, and then cut off the seam and the hem so you have a long piece of fabric. From this cut a piece 6 inches wide and at least 3 inches wider than your door.
2.      Fold this rectangle in half, long sides at the top, short sides at the ends, with the outside of the fabric facing in. Now stitch a seam up the long side and turn this "tube" inside out so the right side of the fabric is now on the outside.
3.      Gather the fabric at one end and secure it with ribbon, string or a rubber band.
4.      Cut other old clothes up into pieces and stuff these pieces into your tube, almost to the end. Now, gather the fabric at the open end together and secure this end with ribbon, string, or a rubber band.


Find the Draft Catcher and more fun ways to use old clothes at


Energy Waste: 

Sometimes you may just need a little light, but not as much as the lamps or ceiling lights produce. Make reducing energy waste fun by creating your own candles.


Facts to think about when making candles:

  • Pure beeswax and vegetable-oil-based candles are recommended as best choices for those breathing in the air around the candle and for the environment.  Vegetable Oil is cheaper than pure beeswax though and you can buy it in bulk.
  • Other candles can produce a type of soot that will cause polluted air around where the candles are burned that is detrimental to one’s health and electronic devices present in the room.
  • Stay away from metal wicks, ones for aromatherapy, and the use of petroleum products. 
  •  As with all candles, do not leave them unattended. Otherwise, there is risk of causing a fire.



·        1 sheet of beeswax

·        1 cotton wick at least 1/2" longer than the beeswax sheet

Make beeswax candles  step 8
To see more detailed instructions check out

Vegetable Oil-based:


home made vegetable oil lamp


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