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Green Rhodes is a campaign aimed at increasing campus awareness and participation in creating an environmentally sustainable future for Rhodes College


Green Rhodes Mission Statement

Green Rhodes exists to foster a culture of sustainability at Rhodes, permeating into the student body, curriculum, and institutional life of the College. Just as Rhodes is now known as a place of academic excellence, it can become a community reputed for its cutting-edge environmental innovation and commitment: that is what Green Rhodes foresees. We invite all students to learn about the legitimate and real need for sustainability in our world, so as to encourage them to create that world right here at Rhodes. When attitudes change, so do actions; therefore Green Rhodes always has great concern for helping individuals reduce their ecological footprint through concrete habits and practices. We envision a more responsible way of living for our community, not in distant imaginings, but in immediate and tangible projects of sustainable development that we construct in our daily lives.   

Green Rhodes is committed to promoting environmental stewardship, responsible consumption of natural resources, and sustainable practices.  In collaboration with faculty and staff, Green Rhodes will work to promote experiential opportunities in the fields of environmental conservancy, advocacy, education, science, sustainable business, and renewable energy and policy as well as advocate for a drastic reduction of the College’s carbon footprint through on-campus greening projects.

Green Rhodes is founded on the basis that change cannot be implemented without proactive union and education. Believing that education is a primary catalyst of change, we are committed to bringing speakers and organizing activities that will raise awareness among Rhodes students toward environmental issues and promote active change in our community. Green Rhodes will also work to establish bonds and leadership skills among students by calling forth peer coordination and cooperation; initiation and execution of projects. It is in this manner that Green Rhodes seeks to address the very important issue of sustainability in the lives of students and staff and lead an institutional effort for sustainable living.  Green Rhodes intends to work closely with other environmental groups on campus in unified efforts to promote sustainability.

 Some of the ideas to turn Rhodes Green 


  -Rain Water Collection Units

  -Solar thermal water heaters

  -Green Art Exhibit

  -Rhodes Donation Garden

  -Buying environmentally preferred products

  -Work with campus safety to ensure everything gets turned off at night

  -Preferential placement for environmentally friendly products in the bookstore

  -Work with companies in Memphis to form official relationships with Rhodes for internship opportunities,   working through career services.


   -Minimizing Styrofoam and plastic use at the RAT

  -Glass Recycling

  -Cell Phone and Ink Cartridge recycling

  -Letters to our Representatives


Anyone interested in taking on a leadership position with Green Rhodes can contact John King: kinje@rhodes.edu

Environment-Based Service at Rhodes

As service has that privileged position on Rhodes' seal, it is an integrated part of the Rhodes experience. As you are considering making a contribution to the community, consider how you can commit your own time and effort to environmental initiatives. The Kinney Community Service Program at Rhodes offers this environmental section on their website:


The Rhodes Kinney Program has direct links with the Wolf River Conservancy Project, the Memphis Zoo, and the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy.

Check out who is the KinCo and contact them to get involved: 

And be sure to contact the KinCo if you know of any environmental opportunities you would like to share with the rest of us!

Rhodes College's Carbon Footprint

The Physical Plant has submitted the results of the College’s Carbon Footprint  Analysis. Now that we have this data it is a perfect opportunity to take the steps necessary in reducing our carbon footprint

View Rhodes Carbon Footprint here:



Calculate your own carbon footprint for free:




Faculty doing something right:

On August 23, 2007 President Troutt signed the Presidents Climate Commitment making Rhodes College one of the Charter Signatory Members of the Commitment. The purpose of the Commitment is to reduce our carbon footprint in pursuit of climate neutrality. The Rhodes Environmental Planning Cooperative has been placed in charge of overseeing the steps required by the Commitment.

The Presidents Climate Commitment, PCC, is an instrumental document to bring about environmental awareness and conservation amongst  America's college campuses. When President Troutt signed the PCC last summer, the college became bound to the challenge of minimizing emissions, conserving energy, and focusing on sustainability.