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Environmentally Friendly Design Tips!

Some tips for making your dorm, house, or apartment more friendly to the environment...

1) Have pillow cases you don't use anymore? Use them as place mats.

2) Use reusable cups, plates, silverware, etc. to reduce your waste.

3) In the winter, use sheer shades over the windows to allow the sun heat in the room naturally. Conversely, use dark sheets or shades over the windows in the summer to block the sun from heating your rooms. This is both helpful in reducing your impact on the environment and your heating/cooling bills.

4) Use paints and other products with low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOC's are easily dispersed in the atmosphere and are the primary pollutants of tropospheric ozone (which is extremely dangerous to your health!)

5) Use vases you get from flowers on special occasions as candle holders or reuse them with new flowers. Studies show fresh flowers are can have a positive impact on your health and mood.

6) And finally, do you ever have pictures that you get printed but they don't turn out right? Don't throw them away...use them to make a beautiful mosaic mirror!

Materials needed
Old photographs, cut into small pieces
4" x 6" mirror
8" x 10" mounting board (use used box from kitchen)
Xacto, knife
Paste unused photographs on cardboard and cut cardboard into small pieces using knife and ruler. Size and shape does not need to be exact for each piece, variety will give this mosaic piece its individuality.

Glue the mirror in the center of the mounting board. 

Create your mosaic arranging the tiles around your mirror in any design you like. Make sure to do this quickly so the glue doesn't dry.

Let dry when you have achieved your ideal mosaic design and enjoy your mirror made from photographs that would have otherwise gone to waste!

Mosaic mirror idea thanks to www.eco-artware.com. Go to this website for more eco-friendly art ideas and design tips!