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Driving Tips
  •           Don’t top off your gas tank when you fill up; this creates excessive air pollution and waste
  •           Don’t drive over the speed limit; this helps conserve fuel and emissions
  •           Make sure to take your car in for a tune-up, following your manufacturer’s schedule
  •           Check your tire pressure; under-inflated tires can reduce your fuel mileage by three percent
  •      Don't carry excessive baggage in your car--remove heavy things like golf clubs to increase fuel efficiency.


How to check tire pressure: Below is a picture to reference while checking tire pressure; use tire pressure gauge, remove the cap from the air valve on the tire, firmly place gauge on valve and check reading.  If air is low in tire, fill to the specifications of the manufacturer (usually printed on the side of the tire).

Drive less, try something new!


Everyone knows that carpooling or riding a bike is an effective way to reduce one’s carbon emissions resulting from driving, but have you considered taking the bus?  It may seem frightening at first, but the public bus system is a wonderful, efficient way to travel around the city.  In Memphis, bus fare is only $1.50 and a card good for 21 rides is only $28.  The routes can take you nearly anywhere around the city in a quick and easy manner.  In addition, the more people who ride the bus, the more helpful they are.  After all, the buses will run either way, so why not support the system?  An easy to read and thorough schedule of the bus routes and stops can be found at:


 So why not give it a try?  You may never need to drive again!

Though Chevron is not regarded as the most environmentally-friendly company, they do have some great energy saving tips on their website (http://www.willyoujoinus.com/takeAction )

Conserving energy can be as easy as carpooling with friends to and from school, stores, and restaurants.

    Carpooling just one day a year saves enough energy to watch 65 hours of TV.  If 1000 people joined, we could fuel a bus for 30 days!

    Even better, if 1000 people carpooled only TWO DAYS A YEAR, we could power a hospital for a day!!  

                How important is it to have your own car?  Wouldn't you rather share knowing the positive changes you could make?