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Celebrate Good Times...Come On!

Gift Wrapping

Have a gift to wrap but no wrapping paper?

You can use old newspaper or magazines to jazz up your gifts.  Use the comic section for some humor, or the crossword section for an interesting pattern, and maybe even some fun before unwrapping.  You can even fill in the squares with notes to the gift receiver. 
Magazines offer a colored flair and usually have an array of interesting images for all personalities and interests.  
By using old newspapers and magazines you not only help the environment, but also save some cash!


Greeting Cards

You can use old cereal boxes or any other packaging to make greeting cards.

Use old magazines and newspapers to decorate them. Not only does it save money, but it also gives a personal touch to the card.  Now, you don't have to spend hours in the card isle trying to find a card that says what you want it to; you can actually make one that says it perfectly.  

Tree Ornaments

Why not add a little green flare to your Christmas tree this holiday season with some of these recycled ornament ideas? Before you recycle, reuse.
Aluminum Cans:
  • Have plenty of empty aluminum cans after your holiday party? They make great ornaments!
  • Cut out the bottom circle of the can and remove.
  • Then cut evenly spaced strips from the bottom of the cylinder towards the top.
  • Bend back the rectangular strips you just cut so that they extend from the top of the can.
  • Use the drinking hole to hang on the branch of a tree and voila
  • Take unwanted or scratched CD's and use them as miniature picture frames.
  • Cut part of a photograph or picture
  • Glue or tape cut picture to center of the CD
  • Now attach a fishing hook or piece of ribbon to hang
Christmas Cards
  • Cut off the cover of your favorite Christmas cards.
  • Make decorative folds
  • Attach a ribbon to the top to hang
Egg Cartons
  • Egg cartons are perfect for making favorite holiday characters
  • Cut out individual "domes"
  • Paint or mark on faces (Santa, Frosty, Rudolf)
  • Cotton balls make great beards
Other Trash
  • Many store bought items come in holiday themed wrapping and packaging.
  • These can be used for tinsel, ornaments or other kinds of decoration.
  • Get creative, have fun! 

 Back in the '60s man, this shit tasted dope!




World of Good:  an eBay Community


Ways to Re-Use Wrapping Paper

During the holiday season, wrapping paper from presents we have received can accumulate if allowed. Don't just throw it away, reuse it.
  • Shred and make festive stuffing when sending packages to other people. 
  • Press not very torn large pieces of paper with an iron on low heat and reuse it for another package. It will look as good as new and not look wrinkled from previous use.
  • Can also make cool book covers for text books with the wrapping paper. 



More "Green" Lights

Replace your incandescent bulb light strands this holiday season for more energy efficient LED Christmas lights. Get them for your tree and your house, not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, but also your energy bill! And once you make the switch be sure to hold on to your old stands. Holidayleds.com will recycle them for you. Simply mail them in and they’ll reward you with a 15 percent off coupon for LED light strands. They’ll even recycle the box you shipped it in.  



More on Gifts…BOXES!
It’s the holiday season and I’m sure you’re scrambling for gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.  Have you thought about what you will put them in?  Some gifts can be easily wrapped in paper, but others may require boxes for storage.  Don’t stress about going out and getting boxes, I bet you have tons of re-usable ones in your pantry right now!  Here are a few unconventional grocery items you can use as boxes for your holiday (or any other occasion for that matter) gifts!
  • Cereal Boxes make great boxes for items such as clothing, purses, blankets, tall candles, or anything that can fit!
  • Tea Boxes are great for storing small items such as jewelry, candy, watches, small hand-made doo-dads, small candles, or other little decorative items!
  • Beer Boxes, depending on the size of the case, make great boxes for those large hard-to-wrap gifts (blankets, pillows, crazy toys for the kids, etc.)!
  • Pop-tart Boxes are great for candles, perfumes, lotions, or medium-sized decorative items!
  •  Shoe Boxes are good for an assortment of items as well, such as shoes (for one), small clothing items such as scarves, gloves, hats, or any of the above that can fit!

These are just a few examples of things you may have in your home, without even realizing their use.  Check out your closets, pantry, and kitchen cabinets for more stuff.  Just by looking around my house, I have found a few boxes that I will be sure to use this holiday season.  Here’s a few more: Cake mix or other recipe mix boxes,  hot cocoa boxes, Cheez-it boxes, you name it!

Please remember, that if you aren’t going to use the boxes, recycle them!!!  Cardboard and paper are recyclable items so don’t just throw them away!  Also, remind your friends, family, and loved ones to recycle (or save for re-use) all their gift boxes and wrapping paper this holiday season!



World of Good

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