Macro and labor market

  Macroeconomic Data

    Penn World Table (PWT)  provides purchasing power parity and national income
Organisation for European Economic Co-operation.
    FRED Federal Reserve Economic Data, a database of 20,024 U.S. time series.
Database of international economic statistics from St. Louis Fed.
    Eurostat General statistic for the Euro Area.
    CEPII Macro Data, international comparison and French historical data.
    INSEE BDM French macro data base.
    The World Bank World data base, international comparison.
    IMF International monetary fund.
    NBER National bureau of economic research.
    BEA Bureau of economic analysis (US data).

    UNECE United nations economic comission for Europe.
    Econstats Eco and Financial data (US, Arg, Can, Ger, Fra, Jap, Kor, Mex, UK).
    ECB Euro area statistics from the European Central Bank.
    Market access database Sectoral and Trade barriers (European Union).
    Nation Master a massive central data source to compare nations.
    GGDC main indicator by country (time series of GDP, hours, employment, etc.)
    PRS (Political Risk Service) purchase current and historical data from 144 countries.
    Measuring Worth Key macro data for several key countries.
    PACIFIC Exchange rate service (current and historical exchange rate).
    Bank of England Statictics.
    CEPR Centre for Economic Policy Research
    Barro, R. macro data
    EABCN Euro area business cycle
    Citibase US macro database

  Labor Market Data
    INSEE Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques.
    UNISTATIS (assedic) French unemployment insurance data.
    DARES French data base (unemployment, worker flow, etc.).
    BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) US data base.
    JOLTS (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) US data base.
    Census Local employment dynamic,  US data base (by states).
US unemployment insurance data.
   Shimer, R. Labor market flows compiled by Shimer;
    Hall, R. US labor market data and other data used for his research.
    Pissarides, C. French, UK and Spain (job finding and separation probabilities).
    Haltiwanger, D. US job flow data compiled by Haltiwanger.

    EPI Economic Policy Institute  (national, regional, and state data of the US.
    ILO Laborsta an international labour office database on labour statistics.