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Sustainable Impact:

 We are reaching out to our supporters like you to offer a sincere thanks, because of you we were able to do outreach services to  in Cuyahoga County and Internationally. We currently, have a 75% success rate in our Scientific-Educational and Employment Training Services. In fact, we have donated over $25000 of personal funds to expand our outreach services, in addition to establishing a Copyright and patent of the program and materials to further ensure a shared value of sustainable and viable impacts in the community. But, because of you we are continuing to expand our outreach services for this year to increasing our training and employment goals . However, our “Healthy Learning = Healthy Living” Campaign, needs your help, our Goal is to raise $5,000 for community health, wellness and career projects, with your help and commitment we can do this together. Please review our shared goals and make a pledge today.

·         President Obama stance on education:

 "Educating every American student to graduate from high school prepared for college and for a career is a national imperative. Higher education is not a luxury. Earning a post-secondary degree or credential is a prerequisite for 21st century jobs, and one that everyone should be able to afford" President Obama.

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Green-Scientific Job Industry Statistics:

Has made a major impact in the recovery of the Auto & Manufacturing Industry. In fact the 10 best Green-Sustainable Jobs in the next Decade include:


Urban Gardening                                            

Forrester: Environmental Preservation

 Solar: Power             Installation                                                          

Green Building: Energy Efficient Building

Wind Turbine:                  Fabricator                                                          

Conservation Biologist: Health & Wellness


MBA & Entrepreneur                                         

Recycling and Urban Planner

Sustainability Systems Developer: Engineer & Software

Urban Planner

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Congratulations to our Healthy Community Ambassador members, for their service in the 2014 Summer Youth Green Training Program. We appreciate their intern services. We appreciate their sacrifice. We also congratulate these young ladies for their  successful year in High School. We thank them for their service. We wish them much success in the future we look forward to their return.


Join us in making a difference:

The Green Training program continues to make an impact because of  volunteers like You. Together, we can continue to make a difference, furthering our program services of helping students and community members  gain both the healthy lifestyle skills and gaining sustainable,  citizens with a united goal.


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       "Healthy Learning = Health Living"
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