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To Youthize, or to Youthen, and to Youthin, for that matter, is completely within your grasp ! 
Yes, the fountain of youth and of beauty has been discovered ! It is a fountain flowing with the gorgeous rainbow waters of veggie juices and fruits!
To Beautize to your nth degree is to follow Eve, the Mother of all living, and to reach for that apple! The sly vixen knew what she was doing, and whether the Snake gave her that wisdom or not, we know that she probably retained her looks way past when most people lose theirs.
It's easy to follow the celebrities and to know what they know - but most aren't telling.
They do stand out from the crowd. While most Americans are overweight, pasty, and unhealthy-looking, lack vitality, and suffer from lack of energy, these seemingly blessed individuals are simply privy to this vital information, via their trainers and nutritionists.
You, too, can have access to all these secrets - right here at EcoMermaid !
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To Youthize, which is also to 
Slimmize, is more than just nutrition, and more than just being receptive to becoming a new you, with restored youth, it's more than changing old, rigid habits and attitudes, it's adopting a kinder, more compassionate outlook o n all of life. 
By knowing that, in eating the healthiest foods, you are saving the lives of innocent animals, and in buying compassionate products at our EcoCosmetics store, you have saved the misery and suffering of lab animals, (see 
Lab fix), your soul will be more beautiful. With a more beautiful soul, you cannot help becoming more beautiful throughout your body, and appearing far more youthful in every way !
Beauty really is as Beauty 

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And we have our Youthizer System coming out too!
Even chia self-massage techniques and facial acupressure, foot and hand reflexology, guided imagery and much, much more !


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Also, we;d like to add that everyone is beautiful just the way they are, that everone can choose for him or herself if he'd like to gracefully progress in looks or restore to a former decade or two, and that it's fine to be just who you are.
The Europeans and most of the world's people know it's fine to be whatever age you are and to be proud of that life experience and the looks that go along with it.
We don't advocate the wild and rampant surgery that most resort to in order to youthen.
We hope that o nly safe, healthy measures will be taken like exercise and dietary enhancements.

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