Yoga Mermaid's Meditation 3 - Extention


Yoga Mermaid Meditation 3



                                        Mermaid and Merman


                      Yoga Mermaid and Yoga Merman Meditation
                                                   by Ocean

Were you aware of the major life-giving and health-bestowing actions that merely deciding to use your mind and body as the instruments they were meant to be ?


Mark this. Feel it. Far too many believe that love is a noun, like water - something to be walked into, something which is discovered, suddenly, or given to o ne as a gift, and indeed, love can be delivered, given, even sold, bargained for, hoped for, but to be really able to receive it whenever it does come your way, you will have to have made the decision first to love.

Stating your intention to love is first. Declare it. Decide it.

From everyday culture we know that o ne cannot change another. o ne can o nly change himself.

The key is asking God,(or if you prefer, substitute your Higher Power, your own mind, whatever), to make you a better recepticle.

Rather than asking for things, concepts, improvements in the conditions of your life, ask rather to make you kinder, more compassionate, more loving, forgiving, sweet.

Others will sense this or feel it, and respond in kind.






So used to hearing these, we may not have understood the ‘love they neighbor' business, or the concept of giving to receive.

The basis is that you yourself, if you Intentionize, decide, declare, affirm that you will be a conduit, a vessel of love, which is in the fulfilling, the universal sense, compassion, you will then, having become a worthy, self-respecting, person be led to do better. To save lives rather than to take them by eating death dishes. To make your body a temple worthy of love rather than make of it a graveyard, where rotting flesh is also rotting your own flesh.

Deciding. Praying. Loving will lead you to perfect health, happiness, holiness, where you will be deserving, will feel good about yourself. You will then attract only good into your life. Be only good and you will attract only good, as the masters tells us, as well as the pop gurus like Wayne Dyer.

You will then be healed, sanctified.

The holy grail is you.

The elixir is compassion.

A word of caution - the fact that the world's sages are imparting previously classified information which had always been reserved for adepts - for students committed to seeking the truth for long years of study, devotion, and works - to all and sundry points out the need to explain. Anyone can follow certain techniques and gain whatever he desires, yes, but as is always repeated, do be careful of what you wish for, because it just might come true. And as in the story of the djinn who gaves wishes to the uninitiated, this is happening today. Everywhere there is more and more manifestation. There is, inherent in wishing, in desiring, in stating o­ne's intentions, a double-edged sword for those whose hearts are not made ready.

When one is wise enough to choose to first ask to make himself a worthy, a good vessel, to be shown how to be a better person, to pray and wish for the happiness and safety and fulfillment of all the planet and every being o n it, then his wish will not create a double-edged sword.

In the case of someone who wishes only for himself, and o nly for self-serving things, without seeking first enlightenment, his life's wishes coming true will not lead to happiness - far from it.

Life will have to offer him many more trials before he will be ready.

And, lastly, for those who recklessly would wish harm for others, beward that those wishes will bounce back, boomerang style, and come home to roost. This is the essence of the warnings o n the power of the mind to create and the theme of how things work in the universe.

Another truth is that we are here on a mission, and to meditate and ask for that mission to unfold, that destiny, is another mandate in order to reach happiness.

We are o n a journey of self-awareness, and keeping compassion as your goal, your compass, your guiding light will keep you going toward happiness and fulfillment.

This, really, is the meaning of life. Love.


Meditation 3

by Ocean

Now that you have found the key to life, to happiness, to spirituality, take several deep breaths. Go into your innermost zone.

We are going to Intentionize a sanctuary just for you.

Resting peacefully, quietly, all your limbs relaxed, continue to draw steady breaths. Dim lighting will help, although daylight mediation is alright too.

Since we are Mermaids, we will create an underwater sanctum for you.

You are bathed in a rich, aqua light, coming in your window from a distant cosmic sea. The gentle waters enfold you, envelop you and you welcome becoming immersed in your primal element - after all, we are fishes, complete with tails. We breathe water.

The breaths you are now taking are underwater, as you relax and cascade downward, peacefully, floating on the natural buoyancy of the clear, clean turquoise-colored water. You see beams of sunlight shining downward in bright streams among the slowly swirling water, and the beauty of the moving liquid realm delights you.

You adore your watery realm, and the way the sounds are muffled and the way the slightest movements cause little rippling feelings around your body. You feel the strength of the water holding you up as you rest o n the currents and you allow yourself to be taken along, trustingly, wherever it might go.

You delight in the otherworldly sensations you're feeling now, and the new sensations you're just becoming aware of, like the utter flexibility you feel in your body, the vibrant core of constrained energy within you, a feeling of glowing healthiness like nothing you remember. Now you feel a surge of strength along your body, a feeling of power and an agility which you know could propel you anywhere you wish to go.

You now notice a distinct feature you've always wondered about - how would it be to have a tail, like many of the other animals in the world ? Now you know - your hand slides down the side of your hip and you feel the silken surface of a fine and textured skin unlike your ordinary skin, and you realize you now have a Mermaid's or Merman's tail !

Your whole face smiles as you begin to move your new appendage back and forth, testing it for directional moves and balance - how great to feel the long and slowish draws of your slinky flippers along the water as your upper tail moves you along through the sparkling depths, flicked with sun specks, dancing lights reflected in the white sand bottom.

You now see shells and sea plants, with their trailing tendrils flowing all in o ne direction at a time, mesmerizing you with their beauty. The colors are dazzling in their muted glory and you embrace your new world gratefully.

Swimming now, more ably, you try to coast along with your arms stationary at your sides, letting your tail propel you forward horizontally and then vertically, amazing you at how you can now swim upside down without ever having to think about water getting up your nose - water is supposed to be up your nose now - you're a real Mer ! A Merman or a Mermaid !

Continuing in your underwater acrobatics, you realize you've never had so much fun !

You don't need another soul around, because you feel so self-contained, so content, so complete.

You totally embrace your entire environment and feel an utter part of it. You and your environment are one - you and all the aqua sea-water, your fellow sea-creatures and plants, the gorgeous floating jellyfish, the small crawling crustaceons and the little schools of silvery fish playing among the long strands of your flowing hair.

For the first time in your life, you really feel a part of Nature. You feel a part of every life-form and every place in your underwater Paradise, and you long to stay there with The one, The Whole of Your Soul.

And you feel the DNA of our long distant ancestors who were sea beings, like the Mers, and are honoring your connection with them.

You have created your inner sanctuary. Your place of solace and or reverie, of refreshing escape and energizing visits with your Soul.

Honor it.

Remember it.

Keep it near the surface and Return to it often.

This is the real you. Compassionize and remember your relation to every living soul, every place, every resource on our planet and beyond - into the Great Cosmos.

You will learn to love your world more and more and will let your heart lead you to become a force for the good in this world.

You are a Mermaid or Merman now. Wear your tail proudly.


And always remember - Mermaids and Mermen act out of Love for every living being, so Always Be Compassionate like The Mers !

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