Yoga Mermaid's Meditation 2 - Inclusion

Yoga Mermaid Meditation 2




These are paramount revelations to any authentic religion or philosophy– 
authentic, meaning healing, transformational, a changing means by which the 
person can achieve his aims and destinies in life, by which he may approach 
God, or the divine – something beyond only himself.

By which he may expand his soul.

Jesus, for instance, tore down the primitive tribalism prevalent in his area 
and still hanging o n in the world disguised now as nationalism, by extending 
salvation and secret information to all people. This was such a radical concept 
that he was killed for it.

He was including everyone, including the other animals – He certainly 
would never have chosen to be born among ‘the very least of them’, 
to identify himself with a lamb, to ride a donkey, or to be an ascetic otherwise, 
nor could He have preached compassion if He did not practice it completely.(For more o n this subject, click 

There could not be a more unmistakable message here. Jesus chose to be not 
only born among other animals, but among the very least of them – the 
farm animals, the beasts of burden. Since hardly any could read in those days, 
He chose to give His message in this way.

Inclusion is a beautiful concept.

None of us likes to be excluded.

To include all of creation in your own heart, to extend your love throughout 
the world, to each and every inhabitatant, to each and every plant, every 
drop of water and grain of sand, feels wonderful. Loving is a verb. It is 
an action of will.

To decide to love, to feel safe, to open your soul and let the love flow from 
the Source through you and outward to the world is to allow the full strength 
of God’ healing to fill you.

To love is to gain love.

To include is to be included in this channel of love.

To open wide, to allow the truth in, is the most freeing thing in life. The 
truth is that we are all one, that all animals are alike, that compassion, 
kindness, caring is the meaning of love, and that love heals.

Love reveals.

Love is the Message.

Get comfortable.

Close your eyes.

Allow your soul to expand as you breath in and out, slowly and deeply.


Feel the light of love enter more with every breath.

Allow it to fill your lungs, your body, to flow all the way through your arms, 
legs, fingers, toes. Let the warm, pink light of love flow upward and fill 
your mind, then let it grow and swirl and extend outward from you.

Allow the love to surround your body, to expand outward, beyond your room, 
your home, your area, let it touch those outside who walk in pain, with difficulty. 
Enfold them in your love.

Let it seek out those in hospitals, those alone in their cars, weeping, those 
trapped in lives of drudgery, in factory jobs, children in institutions.

Enfold them all in your love.

Breath your love toward them. Extend it.

You are praying and offering them love, assistance, bringing God’s love 
to them.

Hold them closely in your heart.

You are generating love.

Find the stray dogs and cats, hungry, scared. Give your love to them.

Find the squirrels and pidgeons in the parks. The other birds. Enfold them 
in your love and caring.

Nourish them with the glow from your spirit.

Suspend your thoughts. Your prejudices.

Flow freely in God’s love for all.

Release your old beliefs.

All is love.

Seek out the very least of them, the ones we least understand. Find rats and 
mice, extend your love to these most-persecuted among us. Yes, they, too, 
are o nly trying to live their lives, love their families, get by. Love the 
bugs, the insects. They, too, have sensitivity, intelligence. They, too, are 
a part of our family.

Go into thelabs run by soulless people. Find the cages full of helpless animals 
who will never know a good day. Send your love, surround them with your warmth 
and caring.

Vow to help them.

Feel your love flow out and encircle every animal, every tree, every place, 

in your town.

Then let your breathing continue to spread your love, the love flowing from 

the Holy Spirit through you toward everyone and every place.

Feel the plight of the wildlife, due to our having not cared enough to keep 

the environment safe and due to our overpopulation, needing fresh water and 

enough food. Love them. Help them with your love. Embrace them in your compassion.

Find the farm areas, see the cows grazing, the horses, find the wildlife in 

the woods, o n the plains, in the deserts, o n mountaintops.

Love them all.

Go deeper, seek out the dark warehouses where countless brood sows are forced 

to live, never ever seeing the daylight, never being allowed in their entire 

lives to leave their enclosed area in this dark place until they are prodded 

into a slaughter area.

Feel the intelligence in their minds, their restlessness. Extend your love 

and compassion to them, your understanding, your soul. 

Remember their eyes. Vow to make kind choices from now on.

Go on in your sacred, spiritual flight of the soul and find the crates where baby calves are crammed, alone, mooing for 

their mothers, crying in their baby voices for their mommies who are also crying for them, hurting, stuck to metal pieces, bleeding, their helpless babies also tortured with horrible thirst never quenched. They are given 

drugs which make them have severe thirst and never given water. They are just little, innocent infants, pleading for you to be compassionate.

Pray for them.

Feel their innocence and need for Love.

Love them freely, without restraint.


Vow to Stop dairy. Your body will heal as will your spirit. Never go to a restaurant unless you ask first if they serve veal. 

If they do, tell them you would never go to such a cruel place and to stop serving veal. And ask them to stop serving lobster and crab. Yes, fish feel everything we do, crustaceans, all beings.

Send your love to the chickens kept in cramped cages, beaks and claws painfully removed without anaesthesia, whose infant baby boys are crushed.

Go to the slaughterhouses. Yes, steel yourself and go even there. You are being God's emissary. You are on a Mission of Love. Love is what you can do. Love with all your might.

You are sending God’s love where it is needed most.

Find the lines of terrified cows, sheep, baby lambs, goats, pigs, tiny baby pigs, chickens, and even horses.

As they strain, scream, try to climb up unclimbable walls, as they smell the blood of their kin and hear the horrible cries, spread your love over them, cloaking them, loving them.

Pray for their souls to calm, to know love at least now, for once in their lives.

Pray for them to feel the love.

Pray for them to be delivered.

Pray for all the world to become kinder.

Pray for the people’s hearts to open.

Promise to make compassionate choices.

Promise to become active in making this world a better place.

Keep your heart open.

Keep your love flowing.



Love them. Love yourself. Heal and be Vegan. Be spiritual. Let kindness and Love harmonize your entire life.

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