World Fix

World Fix

To fix is to heal, to make right, to place, and to find. To fix the world is to look at it, to fix your sight upon it, to ponder it as a whole, and to use your powers of rational thought and imagination to heal it.
This is the aim of World Fix, and we would like to invite everyone to put his or her mind to this marvelous aim - to find solutions to all the world's problems.
We can do it together, and we would like for EcoMermaid to become a world forum in which all the world's people can come to discuss, to post, to promote new ideas, and to share solutions to all the world's ills.
The world is the people, the thinkers, the minds of all nations, the populations. We, the people, think and fend not o nly for ourselves, but, as the o nly logical beings capable of managing resources for the other animals, we also fend for them, for the plants, and for all the places o n PlanetSea.
So, think of holding our sea-green globe in your hand, our vibrant and living, our transcendantly beautiful and pulsating planet. She is ailing. See the forested areas, and wince as you see the areas shrink, like a parasite-ridden carpet. See the waters of all the oceans, discolored and filled with sludge, the coral reefs dyinng, the great whales still being pursued. Take a look at the great wilderness areas- the areas which the Bush League and their henchmen would like to carve roads into, leaving the last wildlife with no safe refuge at all, opening pathways which will benefit o nly lumbering, and pillaging and poaching. 
We, the humans, are behaving like parasites o n our own planet, like a blight, a pestilence, not working with her so that she, as a whole, and all her creatures including us can survive, no. So far, it appears that our planet,our o nly home, would be far better off without us.
Unless we change.
Unless we suddenly stop behaving like crazed and over-consuming gluttons working against the planet, and instead group together as o ne world and apply our talents, our primate agility, our genius of intellect toward saving ourselves and all else.
Please take that image of your hand holding up our gorgeous and delicate planet, our unique, and very lonely home. There is o nly o ne PlanetSea. She is fragile. She is in dire need. 
We call o n the world, o n our fellow humans to come to her rescue.
Please join us at EcoMermaid and let's start to World Fix

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