Wood Fix and Woods Fix - Protect Our Forests and Natural Land

Wood Fix

�Lovely as a tree�. Not o nly are we, as primates, natural tree-lovers 
of these gentle giants, our original homes, but saving them will save our 
entire planet, including our own lives.

As the corporate bullies encroach o n the pristine wildernesses and indiscriminately 
destroy forests and jungles, our atmosphere reels in the insult to our planetartry 
stability and global warming grows, meaning that already ungovernable storms 
turn into horrors that take out millions.

It is all of our business to stop these greedy self-serving and careless profit-mongers, 
a tiny section of society who are stealing our very lives by their evil actions.

We all need to become tree-huggers!

Just as in days of old, the faithful symbol of life and bounty itself, the 
bringer of shade and fruits and oxygen, the tree is the key to our own future. 

Follow these links to help save trees today!

Save woods


Love trees

Save our National Parks !

some may not know that o nce a road is carved out of a forest, loggers follow 
- either legal or illegal - and this is the major reason the Republicans want 
to make these protected areas available to the industries they protect. Republicans 
only represent Corporate interests. They pay lip service to the religious 
groups, but their actions prove they do not care about the issues they purport 
to uphold. They pretend to be anti-abortion, for instance, and yet Bush supports 
stem-cell research from aborted feti.

So, while some imagine that their reasons for wanting these wilderness areas 
to be accessible to tourism, this is another of their lies. o nce roads are 
in, o nce protection is violated, the wild lands, the wildlife, and our planet's 
integrity and safety will surely fall. Join us in fighing the bad guys. Whatever 
your politics, remember this, from Agatha Christie, who knew much about mankind, 
in solving a crime, or finding criminal intent, always "follow the money". 
The evil trail of merely monetary interest against all that is good and pure 
leads straight to Bush and his minions.

Be o ne of the good guys. Protect our National Parks.

Save national parks


and remember, be good to your own trees � they give us shade, fruit, 
nuts, beauty, flowers, they clean our air and provide oxygen to us, they keep 
our world at a safe temperature, and they even give us maple syrup!

As Julia Butterfly Hill would do, we all fantasize about having a treehouse 
� the o ne Tarzan and Jane had would suit me perfectly! 

Mystics get great strength by communing with trees � resting against 
the trunk of an old sage oak is a great experience.

Having your car parked under a tree will keep you cool in the summer, and 
how about making a swing by tying ropes o nto a long branch? Or a hammock?

There�s really nothing as beautiful as a tree. Or as kind to us.

Save a tree today! And plant o ne too!

And when you develop property -keep the trees up! Not o nly will your land look beautiful and your home be shaded, but trees protect houses from being struck by lightning!
Did you know that?
Also, trees keep your utility bills lowers, give you plenty of free, fresh oxygen, surround your home with birds' songs and the lovely mesmerizing sounds of breezes rushing through the leaves but they save our planet!

Keep your trees up, water them, love them!
They give us all so much in return!