Why Things Are The Way They Are - Politics

Why are things in the shape they are now? The economic decline?

The feeling of helplessness in the American population?

Politics in America

The hot potato which has made or broken the presidency, and the parties, 
is the abortion issue.

The religiosity of the Republicans, who have taken up the banner for might 
is right, Christianity, the old belief system of god having bestowed wealth 
on those whom are good, or thrifty, or deserving, or pious, or hard-working, 
giving them a sense of entitlement, plus the old notion of the power classes 
knowing what is best for all gives them their arrogance and preachy mentality.

The word, demos, meaning people, describes the spirit of the 
Democratic Party.

Republic, the republic first, best describes the Republicans.

In other words, the Democrats respect the individual and rights and likes 
to aid the helpless and needy.

The Republicans look to the state of the nation first � that is, to 
the state of their own individual economies.

Nationhood, then, is ever an issue, but elitism is the truth, and the rich, 
the congregation they serve..

The archaic patterns evident in the Republicans are hand-me-downs from other, 
from days of kingships.

The Democrats hearken to a mythical time when masons met secretly amid the 
shadows of the pyramids , when the Greeks discussed the individual in agoras, 
and when our nation supposedly sought to bring power to the people.

All myths, but at least the Democrats support the working man, the common 
people, the poor, the indigent, the ill, the elderly, and the helpless.

The Republicans are running a terroristic campaign against nature.

This, too, in their primitive interpretations of the old, bad translations 
of Biblical edicts to gain "dominion" over nature, rather than 
the actual original word, translated, reading man having been given "responsibility"  
to take care of nature, they seem happily to trample on the harvests of ordinary 
working people, of all the disenfranchised and neglected, the homeless, the 
elderly, the useless, thereby buying into the old and cold you deserve what 
you get in life platitudes. They use this religiosity, of course, as a ruse.

Mercy is not to be found among the Republicans.

Exclusionary and pompous, their heartlessness is coupled with their utter 
disdain for those they perceive as less industrious.

They happily tell themselves that all homeless are derelicts, druggies, just 
plain bad, and presumably go to sleep well-fed and sated with their own self-importance.

They seem to indicate that they, the o nward Christian soldiers, are going 
to destroy what doesn�t go with their own agendas, including all that 
should belong to, for instance, the wildlife.

They ruthlessly seem to want to rip into everything wild and natural, as 
if it represents a threat to their apollonian ideals of man first, everything 
else, who cares?

More, they seem to think that they honor their idea of a God by so trampling 
His every creation that their sense of mandate and heroism justifies their 
every takeover and campaign against others.

Means ever justifying, to them, their ends, they use every trick in the book.

Ethics are sacrificed in the service of several powerful aims.

The excuse, and the draw to simple fundamentalist Christians is the abortion 

On this issue, we, at EcoMermaid, agree � abortion is just wrong, no 
matter how you attempt to justify it. We�re just being honest.

There are many, many who are forced now to choose the lives of those living 
in need now over the loss of fetal life.

This is a choice we who vote Democratic should not have to make.

It is my contention that the Democrats, if they want to win , ever, at this 
point, need to go along with the anti-abortion issue, if they ever expect 
to win back power.

Politics are always pragmatic.

Pragmatism and morality would dictate that the Democrats should lop off this 
unwieldy appendage, and understand that there are so many more important things 
we will lose if the Republicans win yet again.

With the morning-after pill available o nline, abortion should become a thing 
of the past, anyway.

Understanding that this is the pivotal issue to most voters who, with religious 
zeal, give that added insanity to the crowds of Republicans, must also understand 
that this issue gives the Republicans an acquired halo which makes their members 
so extreme.

To far too many of the Republicans, though, religiosity is o nly a guise for 
greediness and power-mongering. 

To many of their followers, though, it�s heart-felt and they should 
be respected for their beliefs.

To drop all the vital issues that the Democrats stand for, solely, for this 
one thing seems absolutely suicidal.

No o ne likes abortion.

No o ne feels good about it.

Why force this to go o n yet another decade, while the Republicans take right 
after right away? Does might-makes-right have to be the credo of the right-wingers 

Laura bush is absolutely frightening! She seems so cold and unfeeling, which 
she is, and so hard, that it's difficult even to look at her face.

Also, why is it that Hillary Clinton, who is a very beautiful woman, received 
such horrible comments by crass Republicans, while Mrs. Bush, who is so scary-looking, 
has received nothing but politeness from Democrats.

Why hasn't this issue made the news?

The Republicans are altogether monstrous in their lack of even ordinary decency, 
and their lies and manipulations have reached gargantuan proportions, and 
continue to amaze me, along with the apathy of the captive corral of buying 
citizenry of the U.S., which is all we are to the government in charge.

Is the Texan in charge so used to riding herds, that we�re o nly so 
many heads to count ? Quite obviously, this is the case.

There is a very unnerving racist flavor to all of the Republicanism around 
us too. Witness the sweeping out of all the black people after the rather 
suspiciously convenient levee disaster after hurricane Katrina � and 
now, the yuppie invasion there as developers swoop in to claim the former 
territories of black New Orleans residents.

This pattern had already been adopted in many southern cities, like Atlanta 
and Memphis, where desirable former slums and warehouse districts had been 
razed and raided while the black populations had been relocated so that yuppies 
could move in.

Having scary Schwartzenegger and his even more scary wife, too just adds 
to their soullessness.

They're happily destroying everything. The world, the wild lands, the very 
air also belongs to every other person, even the disenfranchised, for whom 
the Republicans have o nly disdain.

They are truly frightening and horrific.

And if the Democrats were trying any harder to hand the country over to the 
Republicans, I don�t see how they could do it. 

Electing spineless and flaccid candidates has made them all-too-laughable 
as a political party, and now they�re not even speaking up as the Repulbicans 
take more and more of our liberties away !

To protect our national forests is our aim, our fond obligation in order 
to safeguard the lives of innocent life, including wildlife and trees and 
plants, who require privacy, quiet, and the pristine state to continue to 

We, the people, speak for those who cannot themselves speak.

We speak for mercy, for decency, for the continuation of good air, water, 
for beauty, for nature itself.

We, the people, the mass numbers, stand up against the few, the greedy, 
the selfish, the short-sighted, the insane, who continue to attempt to hijack 
all the planet's resources in mindless grabs for short-term profits.

The corporate interests seek to rob the vast numbers of us of any natural 
land at all. They seek to rob the future, their own children, even, of everything 
natural, fine, and healthy.

We must all stand up against this evil. 

Leave our forests alone!

Go to DActivist and make your voice heard.

Stand up against this destruction of the planet � our o nly home.

And go to Democrats.org and lobby for the dropping of the abortion issue.

Despite that � still vote for the Democrats � you must choose 
life, yes � the life of our planet, our elderly, our poor, our children 
already living in dire need, our ill, over the potential lives at stake in 

Then, get the Democrats to drop that hot potato for good.

Force them to look instead to making vasectomies and tube-tying free and easy 
for everyone.

See EcoChildFree. 

See GetFixed.org