Vegan Tips

Vegan Tips

Love Animals? Did you know you are an animal too?
Love yourself?
Love to be beautiful, slim, and prosperous?
Love to be clear-minded, able-bodied, and happy?
Then you want to go Vegan!
Here are some Vegan Tips to help you transition into your most beautiful self!

Sweet Feet

Buy at the stores that sell man-made shoes - preferably online at one of the great vegan stores at our Links page!

Donate Furs

it's great to donate any furs you find in the attic, pillows of down and all 
that, woolen clothing, coats.. to your local animal shelter , humane society, 
they need them to help keep animals warm with.

the little ones, especially the babies, crave the furs, so when you see them in thrift stores or for sale in papers, get them if you can and donate them.
get furs off the street and into the shelters where they can do some good!

Fun Dishes!

Try some fun and easy lunches at our Hunk Lunches section - even if you're a chick and not a hunk! Just make your sandwich a little smaller, maybe!
They're also fun for kids !

Berry Good Tip!

All berries are berry great for you!

To keep your vision strong and your capillaries viable, keep some on hand every day.
Fresh is best, of course, and organic is essential, but use frozen organics if the others aren't in season.

The best smoothie - and one we have every day! - is one in a personal-sized smoothie-maker - just blend in handfuls of various frozen fruits, add a cupful of water, blend, add stevia to taste, and you have a gorgeous, colorful meal or dessert in a glass! Add banana for more texture, and add soy or rice milk if you'd like it richer.  Also, add nuts if you'd like to, or instead, with soy or rice milk and you'll create a Nutlicious Drink!

Brilliant Blueberries! They'll Make You Brilliant Too!
Blueberries and Other Berry Delicious Treats

The very best burger in America or anywhere else is this :

First, go to your health food store.

Get Ezekial bread multi-grain sprouted bread from the frozen area.

Get veganaise. Get healthy mustard and ketchup and dill slices, onion, package 
of baby greens, vegan cheese slices, and a ripe tomato - always choose organic 

Buy a frozen vegan boca burger or get a box of grain-burger mix.

Toast the buns.

Apply healthy veganiase,ketchup, and mustard, pickle slices, tomato slices, 
vegan cheese slices, and this -

After soaking your mixed baby greens, put Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a bit of Celtic Sea Salt into the salad.

Put some of the salad onto one side of the bun and the vegan cheese onto the 

Put the veggie burger or grain burger inside.

Slice in half.

Serve with baked potato chips from the health food store and with this -

Either blue sky healthy cola from the health food store or

Get stevia and add a pinch of ginger into a glass with ice and add perrier.

It makes a healthy ginger ale!

This is a scrumptious, vegan, organic burger that is compassionate to all 
animals and to your body!

Also, We love Burger King's Garden Burger and Backyard Burger's Garden Burger 


And most restaurants offer a veggie burger. Try one! They're awesome and much 
better for you!

For more recipes is great!

Or post to this and ask us at the Eco Magazine Contact Page!

Also, there are some great ones at 

And raw recipes are really awesome! Visit

I love feeling light and energetic and vegan eating makes me feel not only 
healthy and happy but also kind!

It makes me feel really a part of all life and helps me know how delicious 
really good whole veggies and fruits and grains taste! And it gives me the 
soulful feeling that i'm really connected to all beings. It's spiritual as 
well as physical.

Go vegan!

Vegan Cheesey Sauce

2 c. hot water (or substitue 1 of the cups near beer)

1/3 cups cooked carrots

1/3 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes

1 T. lemon juice

2 tsp. onion powder

1 1/2 tsp. salt

Blend the above ingredients, then,

Stir. Add some vegan mustard from the health food store, if desired.

Use with all kinds of vegan dishes!

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