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We'd like to start our Vegan Poetry Site with a Lovely and Inspiring Vegan Poem by one of our own Eco Celebrity Ec oInterviewees, the beautiful-voiced, multi-talented recording artist, Ocean

And For All Beings
- Ocean

And For All Beings,
All Blessed Things,
A Part Of Hope,

A Shared Stroke,
Of Light, Of Love,
From Up Above,

Surround, Enfold,
Awake The Hold
Of Human Hearts,

Begin The Start
Of Wakening,
To Save Us All..

The Human Tribe,
Rejoin The World

And Seamlessly,
The Souls To Mend
To Realign,

To Know That Now
And For All Time
We All Are One
Under The Sun

All Animals
With Souls 
And Love

So Let The
Peace Dove
Fly Above Us All !

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Another Fascinating Poem by Vegan Poet, Ocean:

Curse of “The Secret”  by Ocean

  A diatribte against the New Aginess that conspires to rob spirituality of its' activism. Do something, Ocean says, don't just contemplate to change fate - sign petitions to help!

The secret to

The universe,

Too easy now

For all of us,

Who contemplate

Our navels there,

Who think we rule,

And do not care

For right and wrong,

Or if we harm

The innocents

Along the way,

To satiation 

Of our desires

For gluttony

And guiltless pleasures

Without measures,

For ego stands up 

Unashamed !

And Nature ? Only

To be tamed,

Or even blamed!

And all else

Merely just a game

I play.

The gods I tell

What they must do

To bring to me

All I can use

To dominate,

To seal a fate

that I control.

No consequence,

No common sense,

And I accept

No negatives.

Not greediness,

Since all is good,

And nothing else

Will I admit

Since my own freedom

Is all there is !

For me,

To see,

My world complete,

I don’t compete -

I dominate -

I take -

I stake

The boundaries

For those who bleed

Around me.

How dare the ones

Who think I burn

With greed

and selfish



Through all the wiles,

I stand completed

Here and now !

And take the vow

No matter how

To give myself

All that I want

And think I need.

Desire !

Will !

“The Secret” says

That I am good

And no one can 

Tell me 

What I should,

Or I will invoke,

The meanest terms !

And tell them all

That judging

Is not in my

Set of self-made rules !

So who cares

If what is truth

Is covered up,

With all I want

To conjure forth

To cover up

Reality ?

And gather ever more

Of things to me

That I crave,

And make all else

Merely just my 

Unwilling slaves !

I am a genie

“Open sesame !”

Says me,

To riches and

To decadence

To wealth

To all

That I can see - 

It all  - all - belongs to me

Alone !

A lovely quote from Benjamin Zephaniah on how he became vegan -
One day when 1 was 11, I asked my mother where did meat come from and she said from the butcher and I said where did the butcher get if form and she said the farmer and I said where did the farmer get it from and she said the cow and I said where did the cow get it from and she said - it is the cow! A shudder went through me! I became vegetarian. When I was 13 I became vegan." 

Ocean's Poetry Book