Vegan Desserts

All Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes!
Make Your Valentine's Love Day Extend to the Whole Year!

Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Totally awesome!
I make vegan chocolate stuff!
I get a block of dark chocolate, unsweetened, and I melt it slowly in enough water for whatever it is , then add maple syrup and/or stevia.
I make a chocolate sauce by adding more water.
chocolate soy milk by adding soy instead of water.

for Chocolate Pudding - or Mousse au Chocolat - do the melting thing above, and mix into creamy, silky tofu!

You can add that as filling for a pie, and add delicious soy whip topping o�n that!

For cake, i add that to whole grain flour - organic - then soy or rice milk, a little baking powder (buy at health food store - common supermarket variety is loaded with aluminum), then a little oil, oil pan, and bake.

All Vegan Chocolate Cake!

Then, ice with the top sauce, making it creamy rather than thin!

And do a little fondue thing with that simple, healthy way to eat chocolate - for Valentine's Day! 
Get handsful of fresh, organic strawberries, raspberries, and get tiny forks and have a romantic feast with your beloved! It will be twice as romantic, knowing you're being Compassionate with your Valentine's Chocolate!

Vegan Choco Chip Cookies!
Whole wheat or multi-grain flour, like Bob's Red Mill
Baking Soda
Baking Powder - from health food store only! (the grocery store variety is filled with aluminum, which causes Alzheimer's)
Oil, like Olive or Sesame or other
Stevia or Lo-Han powder
Semi-sweet grain-sweetened chocolate chips - health food store has all these ingredients!
Nuts as desired

Pre-heat oven to 350, use baking sheet with a tiny bit of oil
add powders to bowl, then water to create a thick batter, then oil to consistency, a little sea salt, then chips and if you want, nuts
Bake for awhile - check to see that they're either softies if you like them that way or crunchies, if you like that!
Enjoy your healthy cookies!

Vegan Chocolate Glace!

Tea For Two