Vegan Cosmetics

Eco Cosmetics are Vegan Cosmetics

Being Vegan, Buying Vegan, Is Being Eco and Green

Pretty is as Pretty does!
We at Ecoize and Veganize love to share our great beauty and health finds 
with our Eco Mermen and Eco Mermaids!
Putting o�nly Compassioinate Cosmetics on your face will keep it youthful, keep your body healthy, and will help to save innocent animals and our entire planet!
You look more beautiful when you are beautiful inside and do beautiful things!

Please remember to read your ingredients lists when buying anything 
and call and ask their 800 number listed o�n the product if you are not sure!

Compassionate products are available for everything in the world you want!

Let us direct you to the best of the best!

Of Course, Vegan measn completely kind and cruelty-free:
No Animal Products
Not Animal Tested
Fair Trade
Humanely Transported

We're told that even MAC cosmetics uses horse hair brushes! So avoid buying from any company that sells anything cruel! 
And please only buy the ones listed below o�n our Compassoinate Makeup Brushes List! 

Keep cruelty off our faces and out of our places! Keep horses and all animals 
safe by purchasing o�nly beauty products recommended right here at!

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