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Today's Recipe : - Kind BLTs!

Yes, Classic BLT, and Healthy AND More Tasty Than Ever!

Healthy and Delicious BLT

Buy Fakin' Bacon, (our favorite is Tempeh Strips) at your health food store, and ask your local grocery to carry this fine product, found here.
Toast or grill pieces of, preferably, Ezekiel sprouted whole wheat bread from the health food store, but any bread will do - as many as you need.
Spray olive oil o nto a cookie sheet.Lay out as many pieces of Fakin' Bacon as you will need to feed your brood.
Put them into a pre-heated 350 degree oven.
Watch carefully. Turn when browned.
This oven method will keep the Fakin' Bacon from shrinking and keeps you from using too much oil, which is a health tip for any dish you would normally fry. It works well with every dish, including Veggie Tempura! (Recipe for this coming soon!)
Slice a luscious, ripe tomato or two.
Peel some fresh Romaine Lettuce off, and soak, dry, and put aside.
Bring your Veganaise - healthy mayo from the health food store, in the refrigerated section to your work table.
Assemble your sandwiches when the Fakin' Bacon is done - nicely browned on both sides.
Spread Veganaise o n both sides of the toasted bread slices.
Add Romaine, and sliced Tomatoes.
Dash of Sea Salt
Add browned pieces of Fakin' Bacon.
Cut each in half.Place o n plates with Healthy Cole Slaw and Vegan Baked Beans (below).
Enjoy! Delicious Weekend Lunch - and Healthy!

Healthy, Tasty Cole Slaw

Shred white and purple cabbage, white o nion (healthier choice than purple onion), a bit of garlic, carrot, and a sliced apple and nuts too - and we like to add many other veggies as well - shredded yellow squash, zucchini, celery, and jicama, (which fights fat, by the way!).
Add Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt to taste, Olive Oil, and Veganaise, if desired.
If you like a bit of sweetness to your slaw, add a dash of Stevia. NOW is a great brand of powdered Stevia!
Toss and serve.

Baked Vegan Beans

Either soak overnight and cook or open a can of, preferably, organic beans of any type.
Place in a baking casserole dish with unsweetened or sweetened o nly with grain ketchup, a can of tomato paste, small, and some Bragg's Liquid Aminoes, plus some Stevia or Molasses, if desired for sweetness.
We like garlic added and a little Sea Salt to taste.
Bake at 350 degree oven until the top is nicely browned.
Serve with Kind BLTs and Healthy Slaw for a great Weekend Meal!�
Kid-friendly, healthy, and much more tasty than cruelty foods could ever be!
Keep your body fit, your soul clear, and your taste buds happy!
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