Tea For Two

Tea for Two

Tea for Two is a Romantic Idea for Valentine's Day or for Any Day! Or Night!
But the Two also stands for two of the many reasons to love Tea!

Take advantage of this Romantic Month of Love to create your own tea ritual!

Whether you decide o n a tea party for two in bed at midnight, or o n awakening, whether you go outside or stay in, whether you sit o n the floor or at a flouncy, fancily-laid table, or by candlelight or spotlights, make yourself an unforgettable Vegan Tea For Two and make your mate sigh with delight!

Now that we know the truth - tea is better for you than water!!! - yes, just in, from health professionals! - meaning that we can do as the English and Chinese have always done - stay tanked up o n caffeine - and still be healthy!
Actually, it's not the caffeiene, but the secret things in the tea leaves - they do more than divine the future! - that act as healthy herbs o n our systems, but let's face it, without tea, until it had been brought into the tiny English island, they didn't have the get-up-and-go to create empires!
And witness their tenacity in the World Wars! 

The afternoon tea was after the morning and lunch teas, you know, and if we Veganize all the accoutrements and assortment of delicacies, and therefore make them all healthy, then why not have our (Vegan) cake and eat it too, along with our teas?

Sexy Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes!

All Vegan Cinnamon Love Buns!

Get Whole Wheat flour or multi-grain, like Bob's Red Mill
Baking Soda
Baking Powder, (healthfood store o nly - avoid the usual kind since it's filled with aluminum! Buy o nly from health food stores!)
Sea Salt
Powdered stevia and /or lo-han
Olive or other oil, like sesame

Preheat oven to 350, put powders in bowl, a teaspoon of baking powder, a quarter of soda, pinch of salt, teaspoon of stevia, bunch of grain flour, sifted, add water to create a dough, then tablespoon of oil, roll o n dusted counter with dusted glass, cover with cinnamon and stevia, roll, cut into little swirls, place o n oiled cookie sheet - even making them into hearts as seen above! - bake for awhile, check to make sure they're done after ten minutes or so, depending o n your oven, and enjoy!
Avoid microwaving. Did you know that it's not o nly unhealthy because of the rays it emits, but also that microwaving does NOT kill germs? Yes, no bacteria are baked away when you use microwaves, so forget convenience! It's way more convenient to live a long, healthy life - so look at the long run - and forget convenience! Go instead for quality and for compassion! You will reap the rewards of health and longevity if you go Vegan and shop at health food stores and use the time-tested and normal ways of creating dishes!

And Remember to Go Dairy Free for Prosperity!
Yes, Being Compassionate Will Heal, Beautify, Youthize, and Prosper You and All the Planet Too!
Go Dairy-Free With Me !