Raw Foods - Rawize !


Wondering about what it's like to go raw ? I mean, to eat raw veggies 
and fruit and nuts and seeds only ?

It's wonderful !

It's delicious !

It's like having desserts instead of meals !

Tasty, fresh, and so body-pleasing that you feel as light as a butterfly's 
wings and more vibrant than you'
ve felt since you were seven !

There's nothing more attractive and succulent than a totally vegan 
meal, anyway, but make it all raw and you have a feast fit for a queen and/or a king !

The vivid colors of fresh, organically-grown, non-GMO'd fruits and 
veggies alone are a taste turn-on, and the smell of this bouquet of the best 
bounty o n the planet is enough to make even the least healthy of the junkie
foodists decide to go vegan !

Just try o ne meal like this, just o ne, and we think you'll want to 
do more !

And how easy ! think of it � no cooking ! The summer heat is coming 
on, so why not make this Spring the time you begin to do something for yourself 
- something that will tempt your senses and awaken the more youthful 
you inside.

Most Americans have never even contemplated having a meal - say -
of only raw fruits, or of only a salad. Inundated, steeped in the propagandistic rhetoric and admonitions of the corporations that wish more and more fats and empty foods upon an unsuspecting public, lying about the "food groups", and pushing huge overloads of portions onto the populace, pushing them into early graves, making children obese, and destroying the few decades given to most, riddling them full of doctor-visits, hospitals and life-killing medicines,most Americans never know what a day of really feeling good is all about. 
Most of them never learn what healthy eating is, or how to gain quality of life 
or aspire to a long, able-bodied, vibrant life.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Start today - go to a health food store. 

Grab a luscious armful of the most delectable, colorful fruits and veggies 
you can find - all organic, of course.

Take them home, rinse and soak them in tapwater with apple cider vinegar -
a teaspoon - we like Bragg's brand - for thirty minutes, 
then peel if necessary and arrange the fruits in o ne bowl, and the veggies 
in another.

Or, you might want to try a combination of both, although food-combining for 
optimal digestions would warrant you keeping them apart, having a fruit meal for lunch, and a veggie meal for dinner - or visa-versa !

And add sprouts - full of vibrant energy, they're powerhouses of nutrition, andquite tasty too ! You'll notice a decided lift if you add sprouts to your salad or sandwich this time.

We like to have all-fruit meals for dinner ! it's amazing how good 
you feel with an all-fruit meal !

And forget about the fruit juices. Don't buy them. They're simply 
bottled acid - no food value left, the vitamins all dead.

Fruits were made to be eaten whole.

Fruit juice raises blood sugar levels outrageously, and they're really 
pure sugar, even without the added sugar in most bottled or cartooned commercial juices.

Juicing is another thing entirely, - that is, making your own juice or buying it and consuming it as soon as it's made - and our own JuiceMermaid will be adding articles here at Rawize too !

For now, eat all your fruits whole, until you buy a juicer, and keep the fruit away from the veggies - except for celery, which digests we;; even with fruit.

Try it, this o ne meal, if that's all you dare, and gage how you feel 
afterward !

And for the veggie meal, make a huge salad and some crudites - slices 
of raw veggies. Instead of your usual unhealthy dressings, lay off the sticky 
sauces and dressings and dips. Just add some lemon juice or vinegar and cold-pressed, organic olive oil, a little sea salt, or even better = celtic sea salt 
� and pour this over the salad and also use it as a dip for the crudit�s.

Or � buy or make some hummus and dip into that, if you feel you must 
have something with a little more heaviness along with your veggies.

Always finishing your last meal at or before five o'clock is the best 
way to maintain weight and to keep a clear head at night. To stay full of 
energy and to allow your body to digest, finish eating early.

If you must have something later - make sure it's just one piece 
of fruit.

Any more can actually add weight. Metabolism gets slower as we get closer 
to the body�s proper bedtime, which is at dark. We, of course, party 
hearty until later, often, but the most serious beauties and handsomes get 
into bed before eleven p.m. to stay youthful.

We�ll have raw recipes and more info o n how to go raw, so swim back 
soon to Rawize !

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And Don't You Care About What Your Family Puts Into Their Mouths?

Feed them Healthy, Vegan Food!
You'll be giving them the precious gift of a long, healthy, happy life!

Here are 12 steps to Rawizing


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