Meat Reeks


Meat reeks.

The breath of a meat-eater smells like a sewer.

Likewise the body odor. And all the fluids, including the blood are filled 
with the disgusting by-products of eating what should be buried. Ghouls eating 
out of graveyards are not known for their looks, after all, or their healthiness. 

A vegan person�s system, since it�s run o n the fuel our bodies 
were meant to consume, smells sweet.

Here are some links to info o n what your body goes through in its� hopeless 
attempt to deal with the o nslaught of dead bodies stuffed down it in most 
of today�s American populations.

Inform yourself about the nauseating realities of what you�re really 
eating, then decide to adopt a better way of life. (See for 
more o n this )

None of the models or actresses we have among our EcoMermaid MerFamily and members or the hot guys o ne the planet can stand being near a meat-eater.
Just thinking of kissing someone with bits of dead flesh hanging o n his or her 
stinking teeth is the biggest turn-off of all !

Although many females ae already hip to the beauty that being vegan brings, 
a lot of thick-headed males have been slower to understand that to get hot 
and stay hot, veganism rules.

Why? Largely the huge media fabrication machine in order to sell ads for 
big meat and dairy industries brain-wash some dudes, but it�s the old 
stories of he�men eating big chunks of steak still permeating the mythology 
of society that is mainly to blame. 
Of course, cool guys think for themselves, and they're not affected by the ad-selling propaganda that pays or forces performers to put plugs in for the meat and dairy industries all over tv. 
Hot guys are more strong-minded than that and can figure out that what's healthy is also what's attractive to hot chicks or other hot guys.
But the media keeps churning out the poisonous commercials 
and plugs and in the less evolved, these outdated notions have caused more big bellies, more 
hair fall-outs, 
and more early deaths even than smoking and drinking. 

When combined with those, and sugar and junk foods, then you 
have recipes for misery let alone, ugliness.

Fortunately, though, more guys � even outside of showbiz � are 
getting into veganizing now, and not just to get near the objects of their 

They�re finding out that to keep their looks, to stay youthful, active, 
strong, and to keep their hair, let alone jus tto stay healthy in general, 
going vegan is the o nly way.

And vegan meals look and taste better than dead and toxic meals !
colors, fresh taste, great aroma, and delicious-tasting recipes are waiting 
to be explored !


Buying organic fruits , veggies, nuts, and seeds, and then checking out the 
myriad of cool recipes for the new raw vegan diets, plus the great assortment 
of regular vegan menus available will excite your taste buds !

Who wouldn�t rather have a big fruit smoothie, look like a million 
dollars, and stay young and healthy rather than eat dead and putrid bodies 
with rotting bacteria and viruses all over , live unhealthily and die before 
your time ?

Read Healthize  and Beautifize and go to Veganize for an inspirational menu 
to get you started o n your healthy lifestyle!

And go to 
Spiritfix to find out more o n how to