Kind Holiday - Every Day Is A Holiday !

Make Every Day a Kind Holiday !

Kind Holiday

We like to make everyday a Kind Holiday!

For those famous holidays, like Christmas or Valentine's Day and Every Day!, make them count for Compassion is the best way to show thanks for everything!

Here's a great way to Veganize your health, your life, your soul, and 
your menus!

This year, get a Tofurkey Meal from the Frozen Foods section of your Health Food Store!There are other brands of compassionate and healthy turkey-like meals, complete with organic stuffing! Or even ham-like entrees, steak-like entrees, or any other types of food items you can easilyVeganize into Compassionate Meals!

Make every day a kind holiday !

Vegan Mermaid's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and All Holidays Menu


And for purely raw menus, see Rawize

We strongly urge everyone to get acquainted with the closest 
health food store, in order to buy organically grown produce and to obtain cruelty-free, healthy products, like Rice Dream rice milk products,etc., and the Sour Supreme, Tofutti brands, and Vegan Rella Cheese. Rice Butter is marvelous, and everything everyone is used to can be substituted with its' healthy counterpart.
Explore your health food store today!


We suggest our favorite choices for drinks and an iced beverage 
made with fruit juice and sparkling water. We prefer Perrier or another naturally carbonated type.

For kids, a great soda is made by combining soymilk or ricemilk, stevia( a sweet herb which does not affect blood sugar , rot teeth, or have calories), or other sweetener,(avoid refined sugar- there are many sweetening alternaties at your health food store) and fizzy water, plus some cinnamon or ginger or both!


Petite Sandwiches or Cracker TreatsFor little hors d' ouvres, we like health food store brand whole wheat bread or crackers, soy or rice cheese, and organically grown olives, plus some vegan mayo, flavored with chopped garlic or onions, paprika, and other herbs. A fine grated vegan cheese with permintos is always great, and we like 
vegan cream cheese rolled into balls with chopped nuts for other little delicacies. 
Combine these ingredients into little finger sandwiches or cracker canapes.Latin Style Canapes

Another suggestion is to get baked, organically grown tortilla chips, top with vegan sour cream, (we like sour supreme brand), grated vegan cheese and garlic, toasted in the oven and served with freshly homemade salsa, (recipe will be o n this site soon, too), with plenty of fresh cilantro, too!


CruditesFor starters, VMermaid suggests crudites a gorgeous ensemble 
of the freshest organic veggies and both beautiful and healthy ! Prep them, after washing thoroughly, by slicing and arranging them attractively, showing off the wealth of colors.


Scandinavian Fruit SoupA wonderful Scandinavian fruit soup would be superb with this Kind Holiday meal . Choose an assortment of fresh fruit, or frozen, including berries, wash, chop, and simmer o n a low setting for awhile, until the fruit blends and the colors darken. Serve in soup bowls or mugs with a dollop of sour 
supreme on top !

Pumpkin or Squash Soup

A nice alternate would be to either buy a ready-made pumpkin 
or squash soup from the health food store and organic, of course, and to serve it with fresh herbs, but a better way would be to cut up either pumpkin or squashes, or both, simmer with onion, if desired, some sea salt, and serve as is, 
or puree, if you'd prefer.


Angel AmbrosiaAn angelic ambrosia is made with fresh fruits, or canned, (buy o­nly fruits in water, never in syrup to be healthy), nuts, non-refined sweetener or stevia ( a sweet herb we love which does not affect blood sugar or have calories), and sour supreme, (vegan sour cream from the health food store). This is truly food for the Gods! Delectable !

Green Garden Salad

Fresh baby greens from the health food store are usually sold in a bag, and are attractive as well as nutritious and great-tasting! We like to add arugula for its�­ bitter taste, and some fresh nuts. Serve with cherry tomatoes, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin, cold-pressed virgin olive oil. 


Tofurkey with Vegan GravyFor ease and for a great presentation, buy a Tofurkey meal from the frozen section at your health food store. These are great meals and offer a familiar transition from flesh foods to fresh foods.

Served with vegan brown gravy from the health food store, sold in powders and in jars or cans, this is an easy and fun way to enjoy a traditional meal.Tofu Turkey Slices o n Cornmeal Dressing with Vegan Gravy

This is a bit more involved, but has the great appeal of being a meal o ne has made at home.

Buy tofu turkey slices from your health food store.

Slowly heat them before serving. For cornbread, combine organic 
cornmeal, a bit of baking powder and baking soda, salt, and a handful of a prepared, organic, multi-grain pancake mix, (like Bob's Red Mill brand), add soy or rice milk to a thick batter consistency, add nuts, mushrooms, chestnuts, onion and garlic, spices, herbs, celergy, a few teaspoons of Bragg's Liquid Aminos, (like a soy sauce), a bit of lecithin if you like (no oil! Heated oil is one of the main carcenogins in our culture),spread or spray just a bit of olive oil in your baking dish Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through,(although since this is a vegan dish, it is safe even if not thoroughly cooked), then turn oven to 400 or 450 degress to brown the top.

Serve with the heated tofu turkey slices, and with a prepared vegan brown gravy. Magnificent!


Cranberry SaladSome will like the ease of buying cranberry sauce, ready to serve from the health food store.

For the more adventurous, join us for a wild cranberry dish which is sure to delight.

Buy organic, fresh cranberries, or frozen ones. Boil them, if fresh, until they are soft, and keep the juice.

Add tons of stevia ,(a sweet herb we love which does not affect blood sugar or have calories), or another sweetener, (avoid refined sugar at all costs- there are alternatives at health food stores), some spices, like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Now, add chopped nuts, mandarin and other types of orange slices, pineapple sections, and grapes. Sweeten to taste with enough honey. Serve alongside the tofuturkey and dressing. Superb !Fresh Steamed Veggies with Lemon

Simple dishes are always the most elegant. Select whatever looks 
freshest at your health food store among the organic veggies. Whether it's green beans, or asparagus, kale, or some huge artichokes, choose a green veggie, and a nice yellow one, like squash, if you haven't used it for the soup, and serve with a sliced lemon. Perfection!

Baked Potatoes and Yams

Everyone's favorites, potatoes and yams always make popular 
side dishes for Holiday meals !

Serve them with Rice Butter, or another vegan brand of butter substitute from the health food store, and a little sour supreme. 

Another crowd-pleaser, either on the cob, served with rice butter, or even from a can, corn is always sure to be a sought-after side dish.


After all those dishes, a little presentation of fresh fruit before dessert will always be met with praises. There's a reason that all of the Beautiful People of the world dine o n fruit as dessert at the finest, 5-Star Restaurants - fruit is the ultimate nectar of the Gods, and a simple, perfect melon adorned with fresh raspberries, for instance, or a simple dessert glass filled with strawberries cannot be matched by sugary, contrived dishes.

Save a few strawberries for the chocolate or carob sauce below.



A healthy and scrumptuous dessert is made by using fresh fruit juice, preferably, or bottled or frozen, combining it with a bit of rice milk and fizzy water, like Perrier, and freezing it will give you a great block of frozen glacier-like thing. To serve, use a fork and scrape it, fluff it, make it into strands of snowy mounds and serve in dessert cups. Marvelous!

Vanilla Rice Dream with Chocolate Sauce

Our must have desert is, simply, a bowl of rice dream vanilla 
frozen ice cream substitute (it's so much better ! I promise! ), with my own simple chocolate (or carobl if you prefer), sauce. Buy a block of unsweetened chocolate. In a saucepan, heat it with water to cover. Add water as needed until it melts into a sauce-like consistency.

Add stevia to taste. We like it bittersweet.



Either use organically grown, shade-grown, free-trade coffee,(sold 
at health food stores, and even at Starbuck's), make yourself a smoothe cup and cream it with Silk brand creamer or our fave, So Delicious Coconut Creamer. It's better than cream!

Add nutmeg, if you like, or cinnamon.

Grain Beverages or Teas

There are wonderful assortments of coffee-like, caffeine-free, 
beverages, like Raja's Cup, which also has the added benefit of filling you 
up with antioxidants. It tastes heavenly!

There are, of course, numerous healthy and tasty herbal teas to choose from. 
Always buy organic products, and buy from your health food store. Also, ask your local supermarkets to carry more organic produce and other products. They like to stock what we all ask for!

Of course, many will want wines. We prefer the delicious non-alcoholic 
wines. Alcohol has deleterious effects which we'd like to avoid. Enjoying the grape can be healthy, going non-alcoholic!


We at Eco Magazine would like to join you all in prayer of Peace 
and Kindness for all beings, and we'd like to honor all of you who have chosen to be kind and compassionate with your food. Thank you for the innocent lives you've saved, and we wish you well on your journey of self-discovery, healthiness,and renewal.

Fun Health Food
Easy, Tasty Dishes, for you, or your kids! And even guests!



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Make every day a kind holiday !

On this page, we�ll have ideas o n how to make your holidays filled 
with real love � love is action, caring is action, and making them mean 
compassion is what love is all about.

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