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Some quick and delicious Manly Meals!

vegan cheese slices, onion, garlic, sauerkraut, veganaise, toasted 
on ezekiel sprouted bread !

also, almond butter, bananas, apples slices, - i like almond butter better, 
organic - and some stevia on ezekial bread.


also cucumber slices with hummus and onions..

also, chopped nuts with sprouts and apple slices with for a King!

all great.

Sandwiches or Wraps!

all the above ingredients, and mix and match- like put sauerkraut with apples and veganaise!

or put berry sugar-free preserves with almond butter, 

or vegan cheese with bananas and veganaise, 

or add mustard, veganaise, vegan cheese and saurkraut with some o�nion and garlic slices for superb dish!


you can start with miso and add onions, garlic, any veggies you have on hand, and brown rice, and voila! you have a hearty soup to please any guy, on the side of one of the sandwiches above or with a wrap, preferably Ezekial sprouted tortillas, or even on its' own!

Chips of potatos,etc.

it's easy to make your own potato chips, or with any other veggie! just slice and put on a baking sheet and set it to 350 or so, and turn - easier with a spray of olive oil -organic, please! add Celtic sea salt, and enjoy!

Sides, also might include baked pita chips - made with the sprouted grain tortillas - get organic! - just brown and roast - use as chips or even as cookies! add some stevia powder and cinnamon - delish!

Tip from Vegan Mermaid -

It's easy to go dairy-free! And so healthy ! And Slimmizing !
There are so many wonderful substitutes for dairy products available at your local health food store, that I don't need to list them here, but I 
like Silk products, and I love rice and soy milk and rice 'butter'.

Frenchy Toast

For a healthy and delicious brunch, or dessert or a late-night sexy snack,... ( are you trying to get that hot neighbor into bed? Try inviting him or her over for an after-hours treat )-

I make almond milk by soaking raw organic almonds overnight, then grinding and shaking them with water. I often add this almond milk to a bowl, soak ezekial bread in it, then bake into a delicious vegan version of French toast.
Top with stevia and cinnamon, and you have a healthy and fabulous treat !

And - a compassionate one ! Treat your body and your soul with kindness 
Veganize !

Vegan Pizza

List of Foods to Stock Your Fridge and Cabinets With
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