Have A Tasty, Healthy, Hearty Picnic - Inside Or Out !

Any Time is Pic-a-nic Time!

Yogi and Boo Boo agree! (Note - if you don't know who these two Titans of the Cartoon world are, created by Hannah-Barberra, some of the greatest cartoon wizards, the go out and rent some or buy some DVD's today!)
As Yogi used to say, Pic-A-Nics are a life goal just in themselves!

Enjoy these Fun Health Foods, Hunk Lunches, and Smoothie Tips (below), Delicious Healthy Treats, and Recipes, grab yourself a basket, a blanket, some eco napkins and eco accessories, and take off to the great outdoors, or to your very own screened porch, or just to the floor of your living room, next to an open window, and enjoy!


Any Time is Smoothie Time!

Smoothie Tips

Make some healthy smoothies that taste great by getting:

Fresh or frozen, organic berries and/or other fruits
Silken tofu or Coconut Creamer - We love So Delicious Brand!
Stevia to taste

Blend and taste first before adding stevia - it might be sweet enough! 
If you're using fresh fruit, add a handful of ice to chill it up.
We like to add a banana for extra sweetness and texture, and you might want to taste it first before adding the silken tofu - we like ours with fruit and water alone!

Some of the fruits we adore include - mango, pineapple, cherries, all berries, bananas, papaya (great for complexions and digestion), and kiwis!

Brilliant Blueberries! They'll Make You Brilliant Too!

Blueberries and Other Berry Delicious Treats

Blueberries are flying off the shelves - why?

Since the newest studies prove that they make people more brainy as well as youthful, keep your eyesight bright as well as your I.Q., and taste exquisite, well...along with the recipes we'll give you, just eating a handful of berries every day is not o nly therapeutic, but simply delightful!

Cherries also - as well as every other fruit - after all, are we not apes? Apes and fruit are a marriage made in heaven - yes, that's what our design calls for, and what we actually crave when our product-pushing culture and the media push sugary (i.e., deadly) treats o n us, we're actually wanting fruit!

Back to cherries - also brain food, they're also an adaptogen, meaning they apply their magic wherever in your body they're needed as far as fixing up and repairing you, and speaking of adapting - any of these recipes will work beautifully with any of - or all of - the berries as well as the cherries!

Now, they're sweet enough - whether you get the fresh o nes - organic, please! - or go for the frozen fruit - but if you'd like to add any more sweetness, buy some stevia - we like Sweet Leaf brand powdered and they also make a great liquid.

Why stevia? Because it is suitable and recommended for diabetics, meaning it does not cause a rise in blood sugar, it is safe, it does not cause either weight gain or cavities in your teeth!

Just use a little since you'd like to get used to the natural sweetness of fruit ideally.

Addiction to sugar and its' attendant over-sweetness is partly o nly an accustomed taste, and o­nce we get used to natural sweetness, we don't really need much sweetener at all! Not even stevia!

Berries and Cherries

Soak all fruit (and veggies ) in water with a T. of cider vinegar (Bragg's or other organic) for ten minutes. This ensures that they're clean!

Berry Crumble

In a saucepan, heat enough water for the amount of sauce you'd like along with a few berries to color the water.

When it's heated almost to boiling, add more fruit.

Meanwhile, you've been toasting a batch of crumbly crust - get an organic whole grain mixture like Bob's Red Mill ten grain pancake mix or just plain whole grain flour - nice to add some rice flour too - and a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt - in a bowl
Add enough water to make a fairly thick dough.

Place o n a cookie sheet (using Plexi glass is always more healthy - cooking in it is the best for your health ) with either a spray of Organic Olive Oil or a little you've spread around with your fingers.

Make into batches of crumbly mounds and make sure most is exposed to the browning process.  Place in an oven at 400 for around ten minutes or less.

Serving - either place the crumbles o n top of the berries or visa-versa!

Remember to put some raw berries o n top.

Also remember - heating oil is a thing to avoid - all oils become carcinogenic when heated, so that's why o nly a tiny minimum is used to coat a baking dish.

Oil or margarine is never needed in a recipe.

It's easy to bake dough, cookies, cakes, crumbles, cobbler, pies, scones, biscuits, or whatever, with o nly the whole grain flour and water - and it tastes much better!