Go Dairy Free With Me !

You Cannot Build Your Happiness o n The Misery Of Others.

Go Dairy-Free with Me!
by Ocean

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Do you want to be healthy? To live a long and happy, slender, fit, vibrant and beautiful and youthful life?
Then drop the dairy!
It's o nly for growing enormous calves!
Those fat cells go through life with you, and will refill and inflate your shape if you use dairy.
Try rice milk! Or soy milk!
Or the tasty and delicious nut milks!
Those plant milks are the o nly o nes that are healthy.
Dairy from cows, goats, or sheep are mucus-forming, acidifying, phlegm-causing, artery-clogging toxins that are made of pus.
Did you know that? Milk is actually pus!
Try going dairy free for a week! 
Buy yourself some marvelous rice, soy, almond and other kinds of nut milks instead!
Make a French toast like this o ne -  below   - avoiding dairy and eggs - and see how great it tastes!! 
So much more awesome than the cruelty kind!
Be kind!
Be hot!
Be hip!
Be Vegan!

Fun Health Food


Hunk Lunches


Frenchy Toast

For a healthy and delicious brunch, or dessert or a late-night sexy snack, ( are you trying to get that hot neighbor into bed? Try inviting him or her over for an after-hours treat )-

I make almond milk by soaking raw organic almonds overnight, then grinding 
and shaking them with water. I often add this almond milk to a bowl, soak 
ezekial bread in it, then bake into a delicious vegan version of French toast 
Top with stevia and cinnamon, and you have a healthy and fabulous treat !

And - a compassionate o ne ! Treat your body and your soul with kindness 
Veganize !

This is o ne of Ocean's own campaigns, along with Ecoize, to let people know how great it is to be Compassionate, healthy, hip, and slender at the same time!

Visit Ocean's Ocean for more campaigns and her own How to Save the World !

Hey, would you like to know of two great healthy ways to get a buttery taste? 
Use coconut oil o n your toast or your baked potato, cooking or wherever, and also, Willow Run Margarine is excellent, as is Rice Butter!
Visit your health food store and explore their rice and soy milks, almond and other nut milks, or make your own!
Love the icy kind? Try Soy Delicious, Rice Dream, and Purely Decadent for a taste treat you will absolutely prefer to any of the unhealthy treats you've ever consumed!


Save Babies Here

Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades!

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.

Save their lives and your own!

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