Give Sugar The Sack - Use Healthy Sweeteners

Sugar not only destroys teeth as well as other bones, sanity, quality of life and health, but it also causes violence! Yes!
And many other personal, individual and societal ills and misery!

Frankly, when I think of alll the people who have actually been imprisoned, put in insane asylums, pushed out of homes o nto the street, left at orphanages, and abused due to their sugar craziness - none of them knowing why - including all the kids now 
on those array of drugs to control them, rather than o n nutrition to actually heal them --and also, tracing the history of sugar, the dates and places where it was traded is invaluable to discovering and sharing what an impact it has had and is now still having - even more so, as our junk products are violating new markets daily - is instructive as to insane behaviors that have collected into national wars!

Look at the impact of sugar through history and you see the deteriorization of health, the increase of violence and collective insanity!
Just as I believe coffee and chocolate also inspired the European nations to start their world Imperialistic o nslaughts, many other historical movements have been fuelled by the addictions and clamor for supply of such drugs - for those four - coffee, tea, chocolate, and our worst enemy, sugar - have demanded more markets, more evil, and more exploitation perhaps than any other causative factor !
I really believe just as the molds in rye - getting into other sugars here and o nto liquor and beer too, all from sugars - they think now had sparked the witch hunts and cruelty centuries ago, look at what corn causes, look at the real grains and the molds, the poisons, and then look at the prospect of sanity when these foods are processed, stored, ingested almost solely, added to other sugars, and see what you get - craziness beyond belief!
Of course, properly grown, used as whole grains, preferably organic, etc., whole grains must be differentiated from the harmful, sugary (whether formed by processing or added or both), processed foods that are currently the main staple of people.
Whole grains are very healthy and are to be encouraged.
How much easier could it get than putting grain in a pot and boiling it for fifteen minutes!
Whole grains taste awesome, as you know.
Avoid toxins, like processed foods, and of course and including, sugar, sweeten o nly with stevia, eat mainly fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, add virgin olive oil, and apple cider vinegar, a good oil blend of EFAs and other necessary oils like Udo's Choice, and a little sunshine, exercise, fresh air, pretty thoughts, and lots of, preferably, distilled water and you have - plus a few supplements like B12, a good C, and a good Multi every day - you have a prescription for healing and for staying well all your life!

We'll be continuing our Sugar Saga - Or Sack The Sugar - Or Strive For Stevia! Soon!

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