Fun Health Food !

Luscious, Easy, Homemade Pizza, Shown Above

Fun Health Food ?

Fun kinda junk food?

In between all-out fat-soaked, greasy, death-producing, obsesity-causing junk food and system-cleansing whole, organic, vegan health foods are these!

Do you like burgers? 

Sloppy Joes? 







Brochettes or Skewers?

Well, read on!

You can have your fun food and eat it too! 

And thrive!!!

AND, you can be healthy, fit, lithe, slender, and compassionate to animals at the same time!

Read on!

The way is to shop only at the health food store - although even some 
big chain stores are carrying some of these items too!

Healthy Burgers

Crumbled plant protein (from the frozen food section - Jolly Green Giant 
makes one)

Vegan "cheese' slices

Sprouted whole grain buns

Veganaise, now even available at grocery stores!

Healthy vegan mustard

Healthy vegan ketchup



Organic salad greens

Or, you can buy vegan burgers in the frozen food sections too! Make sure 
to get the VEGAN ones.

Combine in the usual way!

Avoid microwaves! Did you know that in addition to the harmful rays they 
emit, that cooking food in them does not even kill germs? 
It only takes a few moments longer to really cook food!

Add some baked, organic potato chips, some home-made slaw with Veganaise, some organic beans, and a healthy soda like Blue Sky from the health food store, or a glass of Perrier with ginger and cinnamon with stevia for sweetener, and you have a Fun Health Food meal that everyone will love!

Also, add Bar-B-Q Sauce as below:

Bar-B-Q Sauce

Tomato paste (we always buy organically-grown)

Tomato sauce

Stevia (read this on Stevia), and/or maple syrup (sugar-free)



Hot sauce as required (we like ours sweet!)

Vinegar, (Bragg'
s Apple Cider Vinegar)

Salt (Celtic Sea Salt is best)

Heat all in a skillet until thick, and apply to either a burger or to the 
wonderful Healthy substitutes at your local health food store for cruelty 

Buy and try these Healthy Foods and see how much better they taste! 

How much better you feel!

After a Healthy Meal you'll have a great taste in your mouth, you'll 
have sweet-smelling breath, your body will thrive and your energy will come 

Some things to try with Bar-B-Q Sauce include:

Vegan Burgers

Smart Dogs



Smart Dogs


Vegan hot dogs

Sprouted whole grain buns (we like Ezekial brand - from the frozen foods 
at health food stores)


Veganaise, mustard and ketcup from the health food store


Beans (make sure to get vegan beans with no sugar!)

Side with baked potato chips and home-made slaw:

Healthy Slaw

Soak cabbage and other veggies in water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar for ten minutes

Chop some organic cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, greens, and other 
veggies, plus a crisp apple. And raisins.

Add Celtic Sea Salt

Add Veganaise, found at all health food stores in the refrigerated section.

Healthy Baked Beans

Pre-soak overnight adzuki beans or other type of beans ( we like adzukis 
- they'
re a complete protein in themselves and taste great !

in water overnight in the refrigerator. Why? To turn beans into an easily-utlized and complete protein from a starchy food - nutrition abounds!)

Cook with water until tender.

Add ketchup from the health food store, organic

Add vinegar, sea salt, and Bragg's Liquid Aminos (great taste, like soy sauce)

Put in a baking dish and bake until cooked

Home-made Potato Chips

So easy!
Slice some organically-grown potatos - nice, white potatoes like Yukon Golds, or sweet ones!

Put in a baking dish - maybe sprayed with organic olive oil spray -and bake until done!

Frenchy Fries

Bake them instead!! Much healthier! With just a touch of sprayed or spread-by-your-fingers touch of olive oil.

Healthy Potato Salad

Use organic potatos

Boil until tender

Use with skins o

Chop or dice

Add onions



Lots of fresh, chopped veggies, like celery, carrots, etc.

Dill weed


Other fresh greens

Serve on a big leaf of pre-soaked green vegetable, like collard or kale leaves



Buy smoked tempeh at the health food store (strips that taste better than 

Put into a skillet with a little water (this is counter to what their directions 
read, but do it anyway!)

Put on med-low heat and watch constantly.

As they brown a bit, turn over with a spatula

Cook gradually and the size will stay large

Put on:

Toasted Ezekial Sprouted Grain Bread



Pre-soaked tomato and mixed greens

(we like to add to the greens in a bowl - Bragg's Apple Cider 
Vinegar, Virgin Olive Oil, and Udo's Choice mixed healthy oils, a little 
Celtic Sea Salt)

Slice and serve with baked potato chips and beans and/or slaw! Superb!


Many, many inventive things can be made with Ezekial Tortillas from the frozen food section of your health food store!

Try these!

Lightly toast the wraps either on a stove eye or in the oven.

Almond butter wrap

Roasted organic almond butter

Apple slices

Banana slices

Dash of cinnamon and stevia

Or try it with sugar-free organic fruit jam !

Mexican Vegan Wrap

Beans - make sure they're vegan!

Brown rice (always pre-soak overnight then cook)



(to make your own salsa, use chopped organic tomatoes, slice onions, garlic, peppers if desired, bell pepper if desired, frozen or fresh organic mango, a dash of stevia, cilantro, sea salt)

vegan cheese, crumbled

sliced avocado or guacamole

(to make your own guacomole, put avocados, sea salt, lemon juice, cilantro,chopped green onions if desired), and mix into a zesty paste)

Saladlicious Wraps

Make a baby greens salad as shown above

Add veganaise

Add fresh slices veggies

Add some herbal powder


Tofu delight wrap

Get some smoked, flavored tofu


Add veganaise

Add some baby greens salad

Add turmeric and paprika


Sloppy Joes

Get crumbled plant protein from the frozen foods section 

Brown in the skillet with a little water (never cook oil  it is a carcinogen)

Add onions and garlic

Add tomato sauce

Add tomato paste

Add a little stevia or maple syrup

Add celtic sea salt

Cook down until it'
s thick

(this will also make an excellent Healthy Spaghetti Sauce too, with vegan noodles!)

toast Ezekial sprouted whole grain buns

pour on and watch them disappear into smiling faces!

Like Big French Bread Sandwiches?

Buy some healthy French bread from the health food store

Toast and slice

Fill with tofu slices


Sliced veggies

Sea salt

Baby salad greens 

Onions, garlic


You can also make healthy meat-free ball sandwiches with the above crumbled protein and the tomato sauce above.

You can create anything that you�re used to with only compassionate 
healthy ingredients!

s so easy to get healthy!!!

Healthy Pizza

Either make your own dough, buy a mix from the health food store, or if you 
must, buy a pre-made shell

Toast it so it'
s almost done

Take out

Top with 

Sliced fresh organic tomato slices

Other veggies

Tofu if desired

Onions, garlic

Olives, black and green

Peppers if desired

You can even get healthy "pepperoni"
 slices at the health food 

store refrigerator section!

Lots of Vegan "Cheese", and crumble or slice onto the top

Toast it and let the Fun Begin!!!

When eating pizza out, we love to order it just as it is, but without cheese! 

Try it! The roasted red sauce, marinara, is just fabulous! Sweet and wonderfully rich! Of course, we order only vegan toppings with it, like onions, garlic, black olives and veggies or pineapple!

Healthy Quiche

Buy or make an easy vegan crust:

buy vegan creamer

vegan thickener, like corn starch

heat slowly in saucepan, stirring constantly until thickened

having placed diced pieces of vegan cheeses, some yellow, some white,

sliced onions, garlic, zucchini, squash, and other veggies as desired onto the toasted crust

pour the thickened vegan cream mixture on top of the veggies in the pie crust

bake at 350 until the whole pie only shakes a little and is nicely browned on top.

Cool and enoy with a luscious green salad with olive oil and vinegar!

Healthy Pasta

Vegan Healthy Vegan Cheese and Vegan Chocolate Fondue

Falafel Wraps

Remember to bake rather than fry.
Use the package directions, or grind your own chick peas, making balls with enough whole wheat flour and health food store baking powder - why? to avoid the aluminum in the regular grocery store variety of baking powder - and water to create moist balls to bake.
Put on lightly sprayed with olive oil cookie sheet, and bake at 350 until golden brown, then turn, and repeat a few times until they're perfect!
Toast your wraps or Pita bread
Add Tahina, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and parsley
Wrap and Serve!
Side Dish? Put some delicious, plain Soy Yogurt into Sliced Cucumbers and sliced onions for a great treat!


Hunk Lunches

For Veganize and Hunk Lunches - has a great vegan "cheese" fondue sauce!

And See these 
All Vegan Chocolate Ideas~

Tea For Two!

Healthy Snacks

Buy some Ezekial sprouted grain tortillas or pitas, and toast them, either with Celtic Sea Salt and Soy Parmeson
or with Stevia and Cinnamon!

Also, make your own granola, with organically-grown rolled oats, pre-soaked nuts, like chashews, almonds, and sunflowers seeds, put on a sheet and bake at 350 for awhile then toast at 450 degrees, then take out and add some salt (to bring out the flavor), and raisins, dried cranberries, and any other dired fruits, like pineapple, mango, and stevia if you'd like it even sweeter!
Use Rice Milk if you'd like it, or serve as a snack as it is!

Also, air-popped organically-grown popcorn, with Celtic Sea Salt, and some herbs to spice it up, or Butter Buds (flavoring) or Rice Butter, and also, add instead of the herbs, cinnamon, for a tasty treat, along with stevia!