Food And Over-Feeding

Food and Overfeeding

I think food as entertainment and addiction is an idea we could discuss.
So many things feed us - that 's another theme - I mean, feed our souls, our brains.
The very words food, feed, consume...
There are so many other ways to feed our beings - 
So many people eat so little every day - a handful of cherries, a few pieces of fruit - it doesn't take much at al to feed us.
We overfeed. That is the problem
Did you know that the Sherpas who take people and their heavy gear up the Himalayas reject Western food offered to them, eating o nly a handful of rice every day they are hauling loads up the mountains?
Why? Because that is enough.
Because any excess would tax their systems so much that they would not be able to do their strenuous work.
Food has become, for too many people, the addictive answer to other needs that could better be met in spiritual, intelletual, and especially, in active ways.
Brain-soaked media-blitzed people have been conned into consuming much too much of everything - especially of food, and most of it very bad food.

Try diong just o ne dinner like this - a fruit plate.
You'll feel magnificent!
The Diamonds who have written outstanding nutrition books eat o nly fruit for breakfast.
I think it's marvelous for dinner.
Others do a fruit day every week, and some do o ne kind of fruit, like grapes, which are very healing and cleansing, or mangoes, for instance.

We o nly need a very small amount of food, and most of our energy goes into digesting, leaving us strained, tired, and laid out like o ne of those big snakes, engogred and with the body so taxed in digestion that nothing else is possible!

Eat less, live long, live vibrantly, look young, and get tons of things done!