Feeling Good - It's Easy !

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�You can�t really feel good unless you�re doing good for 

This quote we�d read in o ne interview with our very own EcoCelebrity, 
Ocean, made us start to think�

In all the EcoInterviews and in reading about EcoCelebs, we�ve come 
to recognize this as a major theme in the lives of the best looking, the healthiest, 
and the most accomplished among us � the most fulfilled individuals 
on the planet are those who give.

More than just donating time and funds,or chairing events, what we are referring 
to is giving from the soul. Genuinely wishing to harm nothing and no o ne, 
and really living that in every choice o ne makes. This is the key to true 
happiness. (See 
Choices )

To really care about the helpless, and really desire to do something real 
to save them.

To know that by every meal o ne eats that yet another life has been saved. (See

To know that by the choice of detergents, of clothing, of shoes, of everything 
that o ne has considered the lives who will be affected by that choice. (See

Those who are most directly affected have no power in this world.

They cannot bestow favors, or grant perks, they are the very most humble in 
the universe. These, of course, are the animals.

They need our good will in order merely to survive.

They need our votes, our voices, merely in order to be treated with the smallest 
amount of dignity.

They require our involvement, our activism. (See 
DActivist )

To do nothing is to join the cruelty. 

To feel wonderful is to know that, by merely having lived, by being alive, 
you have made life better for everyone. By living compassionately, you have 
saved lives every day, have helped to safeguard the air, the water, the wild 
places, and every living thing, including all of humanity.

When EcoCelebrities like Ocean, like other vegans such as Prince, and Moby, think first 
of others, they are not o nly engaging in the greatest pleasure of all � 
that of giving with absolutely no thought of return � they are feeding 
their souls the gift of real love, real caring, and nurturing their bodies 
with what will really sustain them, strengthen them, and give them health.

�To give is to live.� - Ocean

We read this in that interview Ocean gave a magazine o n how it feels to be 
a vegan.

We think this expresses the idea of goodness springing from selfless action