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 This is where, sort of like a cafeteria - but better - you can find grocery 
products and information o n how to eat, buy, and prepare vegan foods - to 
eat and save the world at the same time!

 We'll be, as always, adding new features constantly, new items, and new links 
to other stores that we recommend.

 Here at, we love to introduce you to better ways of doing what 
you like to do already, for instance:

 We all love coffee.
At the links below, you can enjoy your coffee more, knowing you've purchased not o nly an organic variety, but o ne that was shade-grown - the way Nature had 
intended. Not o nly much more flavorful, but you'll feel better just knowing you've helped the world when
to buy from regular supermarkets, you're assisting tree-felling, chemical spraying, the raping of the 
woodlands, and creating o nly deserts.

To buy coffee from either Peta or from Rainforest Relief
be helping the environment, helping us all breathe cleaner air, helping the 
animals of the jungles survive and thrive, and helping the local tribes sell 
their own products.

You'll be making the great Rainforests of the world stay vital and more, you'll 
be telling the greedy corporations who seek o nly to raze the beauty of the 
world and to raise profits for o nly themselves that you will not buy their 
products if they continue to kill the planet.

 Please come to Ecoteria often, and find out how and why and where to buy 
the best products and to save our planet at the same time!

 And remember to stop by often since we have our own products coming soon! you'll be able to buy your favorite 
items - or rather, the compassionate varietites - right here at Ecoteria!

Shop Eco, Shop Green, Shop Organic, Shop Compassionately 


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