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Vegan and Eco are One and the Same!

Saving Our Planet, Our Bodies, and Our Fellow Animals is What is Hip, Fun, Hot, and Spiritual!

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Eco Attire

Now, we really can wear our hearts on our sleeves!
Thanks to the enlightenment of a few forward-thinking entrepreneurs and designers who have made eco, vegan apparel possible, and even a few who've made them gorgeous, we can make our style and our consciences finally be in harmony!

We will be launching our own clothing line in 2013, and until then, we'd like to endorse these fine eco - which means vegan - lines of 

And did you know that Vegan Clothing, that is Eco Apparel, is also good FOR you?
Yes, Vegan and Eco Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and household products are also Healthy for you as well as for the planet as a whole!
Obviously, what we choose to have next to our skin, and under our noses, is what actually ends up inside us, so carefully choose - choose with your heart - and you will also be choosing the best for your health!

Please make sure that with every purchase, and every choice you make in life, the following criteria are met - that no being has been harmed in any way in the making of this item, that it has been grown in an organic and natural fashion, that it has been made by freely-compensated and adult workers, and that it has been transported humanely.

The way of Compassion means making sure that everything we do and use and buy is compassionate.

Vegan or Eco clothing assist us in saving our planet, wear healthily on our bodies, and utilize greater quality materials than ordinary lines of clothing.

Please make sure to buy your clothing at these sites, and remember, 
Eco Attirel's own line is coming soon!

Eco Apparel, the Essence of Hipness in Compassion

Eco Attire Is Chic

Here are the links to Some Eco Attire We Love

Humane Couture - H-Couture, Humane Society

Compassionate Clothing

Vegan Companies

Eco Clothing

Faux Fur and Pleather

And what about the Hip Factor? Can you look hip in Pleather?

Ocean in one of her Pleather Jackets

Way more rebellious in pleather, right? After all, being corporate is buying whatever cruelty products they push on the public, and artists like Ocean choose Compassion!

Ocean and Other Compassionate Celebrities From Film, Music, and The Arts Are On The Vegan
Celebrities Music Video

Ocean on Vegan Celebrities Music Video Eco Is Chic

For our Compassionate Clothing, Keep Visiting Eco Attirel

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