Cellulite Fix


We, as females, share many wonderful things. Features, emotions, a deep-down 
feeling of sisterhood, despite cultural or economic differences. An innate 
alignment with the yin realms of harmony, peace, and nurturing impulses.

One thing we share o n the negative side is, at least in the western nations, 
and mainly, in America, a proclivity for cellulite to gather o n out bodies.

Not o nly associated with pregnancy or nursing, cellulite appears o n most women in their twenties, or even before, since the dairy and meat most consume contribute most to this unwanted phenomenon.

Despite what some experts say, cellulite can be fixed, done away with, kept 
at bay, and removed.

The technique always involves exercise.

There are passive ways people who visit spas hope to engage, such as seaweed 
wraps, but they o nly suck out excess water and add nutrients � nice things, but still not successful entirely.

To Smoothe your Rear you must Move your Rear

Move to Smoothe

Yes, in addition to removing toxic products like dairy and meat and excess 
fatty foods, fried foods, sugar, caffeine, excess salt, and empty caloried 
foods containing white flour from your diet, you must add fresh, and preferably 
organically grown vegetables and fruit to your menu in abundant portions.

Omitting fatty sauces, additions like mayo, etc. will help enormously.

The good news is that, if you follow both daily walk-running, some basic 
thigh and rear massaging in the shower or out, and starving the fat cells 
away, you will emerge, like an Aphrodite, with slim thighs, tight rear end, 
and gorgeous stomach and upper arms along with a flat stomach, if you add 
a daily sit-up regimen.

Tell your Cellulite to Take a Hike
 ! Literally !

One of our staff, while o n a student back-packing trip to Europe, noticed 
after lots of walking, dragging her bags o n a wheely-thing, and sweating, 
plus almost starving for lack of finding decent food and keeping strange hours 
while changing trains, that all her cellulite had also taken a hike!

More good news, while staying in a French household, another o n our YogaMermaid staff encountered a wonderful native who shared, among other great secrets of the legendary French womens'
 allure, when the American traveler had laughingly commented that she'd feel better in a bathing suit if her backside area could be freed of cellulite, the lady replied in amazement at the naivite and undereducation of girls of our nation, "Oh-la-la, pour.. !",meaning, "Oh, of course! For the fat on your thighs !", meaning the fat, the cellulite, as she slapped her own svelte hip in gusto, and continued ,"Just walk up the hillsides !"

Since they were in the Auvergne region, a place plentful in upward terrain, 
the student was able to avail herself immediately of this glamorous prescription. 
Her results, after trimming her diet and slimming her thighs via walking up 
and down mountains and hills, were fabulous !

Just Say "NO !"

So, just say ,NO ! to fried foods, to fast foods, and to foods 
we all know are o nly adding misery to our moods, lumps to our bodies, and 
guilt to our souls,

Then say, YES !


Adopt the fresh, clean, gorgeous array of fresh, otganic produce available 
at your local health food store, delight your taste buds with real, healthy 
foods - the hypnotic aroma of fresh fruits and veggies alone is enough 
to make your body Healthize !


Hydralize ! 

Like any mermaid knows, water rules !

Increase your intake of water, while decreasing your salt intake, improving 
your diet, Mermaidize in other ways, including moving in whatever way is fun 
or appopriate for you, whether engaging in a fun Dancercize, yoga from our 
own YogaMermaid, or just taking a walk, whenever you start to use your body 
as nature had intended - as a vehicle to get around in, not as a lump 
lying around o n a sofa - then you�ll being to feel the joy as 
your body begins to Vibrantize, Youthize, and Beautifize !


That's right. Breathe !

Go outside and fill up those lovely lungs with fresh air each and every day 
! enjoy life. Even o n our water planet, since we�ve become land creatures, 
we thrive o n breath-fuls of fresh oxygen. Inside air is far more polluted 
than outside air, even at its' very worst, so get outside, open that 
window, and breathe !
Also, to live around ten years longer, sleep in naturally cold rooms! That's right, turn off the heat, at least while you sleep! Heating units of all types cause the drying out of the delicate psyilliae - the tiny filligree strands o n your lungs - and cause bacteria to thrive along your windpipe and throast and lungs, cause your body stress and dehydration that can cause itself severe problems!


Along with open soul, daily sunshine is a must, so make sure to spend some 
time outside, avoiding the hottest midday sun, of course, and along with breathing fresh oxygen - ( did you know that oxygen is produced by plants ? that's why keeping your plants pesticide-free and your trees standing are vital to us all. Greenize. With every plant you save and grow organically, you're 
helping to keep our planet oxygen-rich. )

This is the ultimate CelluliteFix, and the o nly o ne that works.

A win-win situation, when you Mermaidize and start with the heart, o nly good, 
beauty, happiness, and prosperity will follow, so CelluliteFix today and you'll 
see a gorgeous new you by the end of the month, and when June ariives, you'll 
be a svelte siren in your bathing suit !