Aw, Nuts !


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Aw � Nuts

Types of Nuts

1. Almonds 

2. Filberts (hazelnuts) 

3. Peanuts 

4. Chestnuts 

5. Pistachios 

6. Walnuts 

7. Cashews 

8. Pecans 

9. Macadamias

Nuts and Seeds are not just for Birds and Squirrels and other Apes! They�re 
for our very own ape species too!

Awesome nuts, that is ! Nutliciousness !

Nuts are not just for squirrels and chipmunks ! We primates also come from 
the trees, and, as born tree-huggers, we adore nuts !

From peanuts, (and they're not really nuts, but most think they are. they're legumes, but we include them here because they're used as nuts) to coconuts, these delectable gifts of our original homes, the trees,
( which were our entire habitat � after all, trees give us both nuts 
and fruits, a bounty and banquet we can easily live o n and did for millions 
of years, not needing to go down into the forest floor until some long, natural 
disaster like a drought forced our distant kin to become grounded ), are packed-full of nutrition and deliciousness.

It�s easy to become a nut-case for nuts ! And healthy !

They give us different things, each kind of nut, and offer different flavors 
which enhance any meal, and help provide the complete nutritional components 
for an absolutely Healthy diet.

Almonding with Almonds

Did you know that o nly three little almonds a day will help keep you protected 
from cancer?

Keep the numbers smallish if you want to maintain your slender figure, though.

A little goes along way with nuts!

Always soak nuts overnight, and with almonds, as with any nut, you can mix 
them in your blender with a little water and make a gloriously rich almond 

Almond French Toast

For a real taste of heaven, soak your sporuted multi-grain Ezekial bread 
(or whichever), in a bowl of this ravishingly wonderful almond or other nut 
milk and then pan-brown it into the most luscious Frenchified Toast you�ve 
ever dreamed of!

Pumpkinizing with Pumpkin Seeds

Well, pumpkin seeds, anyway! We�re o n the nut page, but darn it! They�re 
included too!

Pumpkin seeds � just a handful a day � will keep parasites away! 
And talk about taste!

Just remember always to both soak and roast these tasty little seeds, since 
some mold, which is normal for all growing things, including us, needs to 
be taken care of first, and roasting ensures that all is healthy.

Some health practitioners still advocate both raw and unroasted pumpkin seeds 
and other seeds and nuts, but we like the taste of roasted, anyway!

It�s easy �just take an empty jar and lid, put seeds or nuts 
inside, fill with water and maybe a pinch of vitamin C, put in the fridge 
overnight, and next morning, spread the soaked seeds o nto a cooking sheet 
and roast at 350 degrees for ten minutes or so depending o n your oven and taste.

I never use oil to cook with, since it�s a known carcinogenic � 
cooked oils � and it�s not necessary anyway.

If you find it needed, just put a little olive oil o n your hand and spread 
it around, or use a spray olive oil from the health food store.

Then, after having washed and dried the same jar or another, put them inside.

I make my own funnel with a folded paper towel (from recycled paper from the 
healthfood store), and they pour easily into the jar!

The above soaking and roasting is for all nuts and seeds �

Pumpkin seeds are exquisite o n salads, along with hummus o n a sandwich, with 
desserts and just about any time for a snack.


These are filled with fat, so watch out! Keep the doses small!

But again, soak, and you can mash them into creamy pie pastry, for a layer 
instead of pasta, or mix them up into shakes with other nuts or into a cashew 
milk for a real treat o n top of your own toasted granola!

Brazil Nuts

Again, a fat overload � maybe the tree�s protection against too 
many monkeys and apes like us eating them all! After all, after a huge meal 
of them, how could any of us get up that tree again?

So, eat sparingly, but enjoy them o n occasion.

Remember, we�re primates in the ape family. We�re meant to consume 
veggies, fruits, and nuts, as even the Bible states in the Genesis Diet � 
and you know who told us to eat what!

Nuts are healthy and nutritious as well as nutlicious! So include some of 
these nuts in your meals every day, and even just a touch of their wonderful 
flavors will enhance your day and intrigue your taste buds.

Sesame Seeds

Open, Sesame! Well, they�re too small to open, really, but we certainly 
like to open our mouths wide for anything made with these delightful-tasting 
little seeds!

They are what make tahini taste so good, as well as halva.

Best to grind these, though, for nutritional benefit because of their tiny 
size, so grind and sprinkle o n toast, o n salads, in soups, desserts, or whatever!

Nut Butters

Commercial nut butters are dicey at best, and dangerous if overly-consumed.

Peanut butter is made from peanuts. Despite the name, peanuts are legumes 
�that�s right � beans!

They are not a healthy choice for a spread or a meal very often.

Avoid the commercial peanut butter like the plague. It�s filled with 
the most toxic of all known food molds, bar none, and eating much of it is 
like dare-deviling off the side of a building.


These lovely reddish nuts are among the faves of the Europeans, who descend 
in family and coupled groups to the enchanting woods o n the Continent each 
Autumn to enjoy finding local hazelnuts for their own use.

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