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"You cannot build your happiness on the misery of others."

Doing good FEELS good! - Ocean

Likewise, you cannot build healthiness from ingesting toxic food from miserable, terrified, murdered beings.

Our spokesperson, Ocean, has summed it up beautifully - in order to build personal happiness and healthiness, we must first be Compassionate to all other beings, which means that we cannot condone or support factory farming or the killing and consumption of absolutely innocent and helpless animals.
Go Vegan! Live! Thrive!

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By the way, Vegans also eat Fruit! It's not just all Veggies! Also, anything you have eaten in the past is Way Better when Veganized! Rice Dream and Purely Decadent taste SO much better than cruelty dairy ice cream ever could!

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Compassion - The One Word that will Save the World

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 "If Americans were to reduce their meat consumption by o nly 10 per cent for one year, it would free at least 12 millions tons of grain for human consumption - or enough to feed 60 million people... Indeed, if Americans were to stop eating grain-fed beef altogether the grain thus released would be enough to feed all the 600 million people in India."                                                            - Peter Singer, Author

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This is a program that teaches people who wish to get and/or stay well and to avoid cancer or cure it how to go vegan!

The most recent Harvard 
study proves what Veganize has been telling us, that eating meat causes most if not all of our diseases.
Be Compassionate in your food choices and live a long healthy life.

If Your Food Has Eyes, At Least Have the Courage to Look Into Them
If Slaugherhouses had Glass Walls or Web Cams, Imagine..what would you see?
We'd all be Vegan Immediately.

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Be Kind.

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And Save Some Lives Now and Every Day!
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Vegan Desserts!
Yes, All Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Within and Without

Give Sugar The Sack!

What Better Way to Celebrate Spring Than Growing Flowers Organically and Getting Into Flower Essences!

Food and Overfeeding

Lemonading, that is WITHOUT the sugar - using stevia instead - is a brilliant way of cleansing your body and drinking a rad beverage for the Spring/Summer!
Lemon in water brings your body into the PH where it needs to live, gives you a burst of Vitamin C, plus bioflavinoids, and tastes so wonderful no sweetener is necessary!

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