The True Face of Dairy and Milk - The Victims - Consumers Of Dairy Beware

Raw milk is even more dangerous than pasteurized.
Undulent fever is always a risk, as are many other milk-borne illnesses stemming from not only bacteria and molds, but also from viruses and parasites.
The fact that they're given so many drugs should alarm you anyway, even if you're not worried about the excess estrogen and other hormones - you do know about the connection between excess estrogen and breast cancer, don't you?
As I'd mentioned above, the dairy industry is a very powerful cartel, and will stop at nothing to hide the dangers of their products. Money is their issue. Always remember that.
They also have powerful lobbies, fund so-called "studies", and yet, pour a glass of milk.
Find out what's in it - fat, hormones, drugs, and all sorts of things that are not meant to be there like bacteria, viruses, molds, parasite eggs, and so on.
It is pus.
It causes phlegm.

Did you know that phlegm is like glue? It looks like glue and acts like it in your body systerms. Plaque is a similar substance and clings like glue. Both are caused by dairy consumption.
It is the major additive of animal origin in all sorts of processed foods already.
It acts like glue in the bloodstream and systemically causes clogging and many other deletrious results.
Since we can easily obtain minerals and any other nutritional requirements in more healthy and safe ways, why wouldn't we?
Milk causes calcium to be leeched from the bones.
Leafy greens actually give us the vital minerals in plentiful amounts, in healthy, artery-clearing, non-hormonal ways.
Leafy greens and all veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds, grains and beans, give you a lean figure, long life, beauty, youthfulness, and make you a kind person who does not send cows to lives like this -

This is a mother.
Do you really want this on your soul?
This is the reality of where dairy comes from.

The beautiful Mother above, as all of the dairy cows, given ten times the amount of hormones to make her continually lactate at such a rate that her udders are so heavy she cannot even stand.
The excruciating pain of the metal milking devices clamped onto their udders cause continuous bleeding and infection.
Milk cows lead tortured, miserable lives and then are brutally slaughtered for the rennet in their stomachs sent to make cheese with - unless you buy Compassionate Vegan Cheese, that is - and then are ground up to make hamburgers, usually.
No green pastures for these beautiful Mothers, ever.
Just pain, tragedy and horror.
Do you actually want to ingest anything obtained by such misery?
When you can so easily obtain better quality and healthier food elsewhere?
This is a matter for your soul as well as for your body.
Both tell you that milk is poison.